Do You Know About Server Rack, Its Types And Benefits?

 Do You Know About Server Rack, Its Types And Benefits?

When you use technical equipment like routers, switches, hubs, and servers, it requires a specifically designed structure to house it is commonly called a Server Rack. This makes it possible to hold multiple many pieces of equipment in an area. It is generally used by businesses to keep their data center closets. There are many servers one of them is Dell PowerEdge R440.

Different Types Of Rack Server

Each type of equipment come in specifically designed different sizes. Thy physical dimension is the parameter for the different types and the quantity of equipment a rack can hold. Some of the rack servers are 4-Post Server Rack and 2-Post Relay Rack.

1.     2-Relay Server Rack

It is one of the server racks with a small footprint and excellent in use where space matters. If you have compact space install it in your data center. It allows center and flush configuration of your mounted equipment. It offers easy access to maximum ventilation as airflow is not restricted. You can convert it into 4-Post by available kits. The Dell PowerEdge R440 rack server is also based on this type of server rack.

2.     4-Post Server Rack

It is one of the most basic racks used in server set-up. It is an open frame 4 U (units) rack.  It can be easily assembled and its maximum width is up to 19 inches. It is also known as a 19-inch server rack. It is perfect for rack mounting multiples equipment. It provides installer easy access to equipment as well as to cabling. It maintains proper air ventilation because of its shape and size which enables unrestricted airflow.

Benefits of Rack Server like Dell PowerEdge R440

·       Organization

Because of tall structures, it can hold a lot of pieces of equipment. And, it provides a better arrangement of equipment in its rack. To install a huge server, multiple racks can be installed.

·       Management of Wires

Because of the outstanding quality of chassis, the wire management is very easy. Because of organized space, the power and network cables are easily placed.

·       Efficient Cooling

Because of the organized space and proper wire management, air ventilation is not restricted. This helps in the efficient cooling of the server hence better functioning.

·       High Security of the server

The racks are made-up of strong metal and locks mounted on doors help in the prevention of unauthorized access. Accidental fall or an unnecessary touch of any particular button is restricted.

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