Do You Want to Spice Up Your Living Room Design with Modern Chandeliers?

 Do You Want to Spice Up Your Living Room Design with Modern Chandeliers?

You cannot call Chandeliers anymore a fancy and oriental type of accessory because these days, you can find many different modern designs that can easily become a part of the modern living room design.

Most of us will agree that our living room is the room of our house that remains most active. You will watch TV, spend your time with family, meet your friends and guests, sometimes even read a book or take a small nap. All these needs good lighting.

You will find modern chandeliers for living room designed by Sofary that maintains the original concept of chandelier light of yesteryears and at the same time, there will be modern materials and designs.

Also, in today’s market, there are limitless chandelier designs available so that you can choose the one that is perfect as per the design of your home. Here are some of the designs that are available on the market.

  1. Lighting with Austrian Crystal

In this design, they have used a few crystals that can reflect the light to produce a glamorous view in your living room. Also, there will be a golden stand that will offer a unique look to the living room.

  1. White & Golden Finish

This design may be a little simple one however, if you invest in this chandelier light then it will offer a dazzling look to your present living room. You can also prefer this design for your dining room or bedroom too.

  1. Crystal Modern Chandelier

To offer a bold statement for your living room, this crystal chandelier design will be your perfect choice. It features sparkling crystals, stainless steel plate that can easily dissipate high-quality LED lights to last longer.

  1. American Country Wood Ceiling Hanging

In this chandelier light fixture, great craftsmanship has been displayed by using teak wood and offering very warm as well as soft lights for your balcony or porch. The finishing has been given by using wax and polyurethane.

  1. Brass Antique Design with 5 Lamps

You can get another dazzling option, which can instantly light up is the entire area of the living room space. Also, there will be a golden color metallic stand that adds further glamour.

  1. Rustic type of Living Room Chandelier

Another very quirky idea is given to a chandelier design in your living rooms. This chandelier looks to be a certain wheel suspended from your ceiling with also lights installed. It effortlessly can add a great amount of oomph factor to your living space.

  1. Quirky Cane Chandelier

Your cane furniture is attractive and popular among affluent homeowners. Cane chandeliers, on the other hand, may take the aesthetic to the next level and are ideal complements to your living area.

  1. Pair of Chandeliers

For large rooms, this chandelier pair is ideal. If you want your spacious living room to be special, instead of adding lights in every corner, you should opt for this chandelier pair.

Surely, this can make any room look bright and classy. Of course, the bulb color is depending on the color of the paint on the wall.

Chris Jorioso

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