Dog Walking Laws in San Francisco

 Dog Walking Laws in San Francisco


No matter where you live, there are apt to be laws applicable to dog walking. This includes San Francisco, California.  So, what do the ordinances say when it comes to walking your dog in Frisco? That is precisely what this brief blog will cover.   

Leashing Your Dog is a Must  

Dogs can be unpredictable, especially when other dogs are present. You might think you have it trained to stay close to you. However, all-too-often that does not happen. San Francisco has introduced a law that whenever in public, all dogs must be on a leash. That leash cannot be any longer than 8 feet in length. This leash law also applies when you are at a dog park in San Francisco.   

Cleanup Laws 

Cleaning up after your dog is unpleasant, that is for sure. However, when walking your dog on a public street or inside of a dog park, it is the law you must pick up after it. It would be best to dispose of the fecal matter appropriately, such as in a public trash container. Whenever you walk him or her, you must carry a recyclable garbage bag and some form of a pooper scooper. If you do not want to do that, then do not own a dog at all. One of the most important things you must care about is the Laws San Francisco has in place which can be found HERE.     

Proper Supervision is Mandatory 

According to Frisco laws, your dog needs always to be supervised. This is even true inside a dog park or wherever else dogs are welcome in public. You MAY NOT leave it alone, nor in the care of a child. Proper adult supervision of the dog is always required. If you have a short appointment that day and are in a hurry, do not bring your dog to the park that same day.   

Licensing of Your Dog 

Once your dog surpasses four months of age, it must be licensed. At that point, you may not walk it in public until it is legally permitted. This is according to the San Francisco law of Sec. 41.15. Additionally, it must be complete at least 30 days before the expiration date when it comes time to renew the license. It is possible to get the dog license in two- or three-year increments in addition to one year. Please note: the dog must be appropriately vaccinated before the permit is granted. To get more information on dog walking laws in San Francisco, pet sitting services, dog walking services, dog boarding services, dog training services please contact 360 Dog Walker San Francisco, CA. 360 Dog Walker is the premier dog walking company conveniently located in the main hub of San Francisco, CA. The provide premium dog services which includes everything from dog walking, dog training, dog boarding fond du lac w and much more. If you’re interested in get the top of the line VIP dog services for your dog then I would highly suggest paying 360 Dog Walker a visit. You can always call and talk to the owner Nancy Bernard who is a very friendly person and has many years of experience with dogs.

Speaking of Vaccinations! 

It is also a Animal laws in San Francisco that, come four months old, your dog must be vaccinated against rabies to walk it in public. There are no exceptions permitted. As we just stated, this must be complete before obtaining a license for the dog.   

Are There Any Areas of Frisco Where a Dog Can Be Off-Leash? 

The answer is yes. An example of this is some portions of Ocean Beach. You must look for those areas if you want to let your dog off the leash. In other areas of Ocean Beach, having the dog on-leash is mandatory.  It would be best if you still had the leash with you in case of a problem or getting the dog to and from the designated off-leash sections.   

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