Drawing Up a Successful Graphic Design Business Plan

If you have a degree or background in graphic design, opening your own company is an excellent way to put your talents to use without abandoning your artistic vision. You don’t have to follow a boss’s specifications, and you can choose projects that fit well with your style. As you begin work on your business plan, don’t forget to address these concerns.


Many customers order work electronically, but others want their logos and artwork printed. Don’t leave this part of your business until the end of your planning, since you need to save up for professional-quality printers. You also need to leave room in your budget for ink, which is often expensive, and design jets repair Loudoun County VA.


Do you want to work completely on your own, or do you want a few assistants to help you with managing transactions, printing orders, and handling other office jobs? If you have room in your budget to pay one or two other people to take care of these tasks, you have time to fulfill more orders. At the same time, it’s harder to make a profit when other people have to receive wages, too. Find a solution that fits with your work style, expected profits, and starting budget.


When you’re a freelance graphic artist, you work on orders as you receive them. However, now that you’re starting an official business, you must give your customers a timeframe for each order’s completion. Estimate how long it takes you to finish different projects and post this information next to each item’s price on your website. Give yourself plenty of time so that you’re not late on customers’ orders, but make the deadlines reasonable.

As you draw up your graphic design business plan, take plenty of time to consider these issues.

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