Drug Rehab in NY sees Increased Anxiety and Depression During Holidays

Many people experience happiness and joy during the holiday season. However, there are also individuals that experience massive depression and anxiety. There are various reasons that emotions may be triggered during the holidays which include:

People deal with their feelings differently, either in a positive or negative way. Some people will deal with their depression and anxiety in a positive way by talking to someone or going to the doctor. Unfortunately, others will turn to substances or alcohol to calm their nerves during this stressful time. The scariest part of this, is that most people mask their drug or substance abuse as simply having a good time, even though it is substance abuse that has been inspired by a serious mental health issue. Drinking copious amounts of alcohol is not a way to treat anxiety or depression but instead it is a way of having fun and cutting loose! When family or friends see their loved one doing this, it causes them to address the situation as way less serious than it truly is.

Managing Issues During the Holidays

During the holiday season, substance abuse is an issue that is hard for people to manage without help. For instance, you may have lost a loved one during the holiday season and are experiencing PTSD triggers. Sadly, increased drug or substance abuse will increase a person’s chance of becoming the next family member to pass during the holiday season.

Thankfully, with the help of outpatient rehab in NYC, there are ways that you can overcome your addiction

and avoid your risk of an overdose. Our rehab facility can help you detox these destructive substances from your body. In some cases, safer replacement medication can make it easier for you to handle quitting these substances without the harsh effects of withdrawal symptoms.

The biggest help that we offer is helping you work through the mental health aspect of your addiction. You cannot quit an addiction if you do not fully understand what causes you to turn toward that substance in the first place. However, this part is often the hardest part for an addict.

Choosing the Best New York State Rehabilitation Center for You

When you make the choice to get help, you have made it past the hardest part. You are stronger than you think. You can change your life choices and we are here to help you. We offer many options, including both inpatient and outpatient programs. Contact us today and we can help you choose the program that is best suited for your current situation.

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