Easy Preschool Fundraisers

 Easy Preschool Fundraisers

In the US, preschool is one of the most challenging costs to bear, especially for families with a tight budget. To cope up with the increasing cost of preschool, parents opt for preschool fundraisers. Creativity is the key to starting a preschool fundraiser. And, of course, a little help from friends, family, and preschool teachers will further ease the task. In any preschool fundraising idea, it would be best to involve the kids. This way kids learn early on the value of charity and generosity. Moreover, kids experience preschool fundraisers in a fun and exciting way.

Now let’s get the preschool students involved.

In preschool, children are already taught to create artwork. The artwork can be put into good use in a preschool fundraiser. How? You can simply take digital pictures of the children’s artwork. Several online programs create customized calendars where you can upload the pictures. Print and organize a sale. The sale would be perfect for the holidays. These artwork calendars could be an amusing present for everyone.

Children love to involve themselves in adult tasks. With proper coordination with the school authorities, you can arrange to plant a garden for a preschool fundraiser. Plots can be prepared by the adults and the kids may participate in planting the seedlings. You may plant green leafy vegetables, herbs, or squash. This may take a while as you need to wait for the harvest time before you can sell them. The good thing about this preschool fundraiser is that it teaches a value to the children – grow their own food.

Karaoke for a preschool fundraiser can be a fun way of holding a simple fundraising event. Singing in karaoke is a fun way of bringing friends and families together. There can be many options to raise a fund using this karaoke fundraiser for preschool. Almost everyone loves to sing, and one way of raising funds is to charge a small fee for each song. You may also hold a contest for fun by asking the children to vote for who the best singer is. You may cut a small amount from the proceeds for the prize.  For the best preschool and elementary school fundraising solutions, visit www.fundraisingzone.com

Children love to watch, so why not host a movie day for a preschool fundraiser? Just make sure you show a movie appropriate for a preschool. The admission fee could raise a good amount of money. You may also sell some concessions like water and popcorn to raise more cash.

Using penny jars for a preschool fundraiser is considered as one of the easiest ways to raise an ample amount of money. To tap the creativity of the children, they may be asked to put artwork on the jars. These jars can be distributed to business locations such as supermarkets or groceries. Spare changes are often dropped in these penny jars. Collectively, pennies may add up to a huge amount of money.

Read-a-thon for a preschool fundraiser is another simple way of raising funds. Friends, family, and neighbors may be asked to sponsor such fundraisers. This fundraiser helps develop the children’s reading ability. A pledge may be given for every book they read.

Who wouldn’t have fun playing the Bingo? This game is very popular that even younger children can enjoy it. In this Bingo for a preschool fundraiser, kids would appreciate the game more by using cards themed for kids. The fund will be raised by charging a small fee for every Bingo card. It would help raise more funds if you can sell concessions like water, lemonade, and snacks.

Treasure hunt for a preschool fundraiser is another fun and exciting way to collect money. Parents and children alike will enjoy this event. There are many options on how to raise funds for this preschool fundraiser. A small fee may be charged for the participants. More funds can be collected if you could ask local businesses in the community to sponsor the event. You may cut a portion of the proceeds for the prize.

If you want a fundraiser without hassles and complications, you may hold a raffle for a preschool fundraiser event in your community. There are many raffle ideas to hold and one is the 50/50 raffle. With this raffle, you charge a certain price for a ticket. On the raffle day, the winner gets fifty percent of the pot money you collected. Again, selling concessions on the raffle day will surely add an ample amount of money to your preschool fundraiser.

Remember, promoting your preschool fundraiser is the key to get as many willing supporters. Asking for a little help from friends, family, and neighbors would amplify your efforts. People will always have the heart to extend help especially to a cause for children.

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