Editing is a tool to improve picture

 Editing is a tool to improve picture

One of the most important parts of capturing a photo is the work that is required to be done once the picture is clicked i.e; editing. Editing is the process that enhances the beauty of your capture. It also helps you to create the effect that you were unable to capture during the shoot of the picture. Editing acts as icing on the cake. Editing is not only a tool for beginners but talented photographers even use it. One such editing tool is Photolemur.

Type of photo editing

  • Noise reduction: There are times when the pictures that you click look loud in appearance which can be smoothened with the help of editing technique. Noise reduction helps in smoothing the picture generally by reducing the size of a pixel.
  • White balance: White balance is used to adjust the color of the light in the picture. The light may appear too dull or bright thus, the need for adjustment of the light colour.
  • Contrast: Contrast is also used more enhancing the beauty of the subject captured. High contrast is used more making pictures appear more punchy while low contrast makes the image appear flattered.

Methods of digital photo editing

  • Pixel editing: Pixel editing is a method of photo editing where the image is altered from the pixel level. Hence, it is also known by the name pixel-level editing. The alteration of pixel-level changes the image file permanently. Pixel editing is considered as one of the destructive methods of editing because you cannot undo the changes made to the picture easily. It helps you to edit the picture in detail.
  • Parametric image editing: It is also called by the name PIE. In this method of editing you do not edit a picture from the pixel level. This method uses a certain step to accomplish the desired look. Hence, it is considered as a non-destructive method of photo editing.

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