Electrical Resistivity Systems: Main Applications

  Electrical Resistivity Systems: Main Applications

We should start by explaining what electrical resistivity is; every material has a unique property when it comes to electrical resistivity and this enables us to apply this to many applications. If you know how building materials differ in electrical resistivity, which means you can choose the right materials for the build to ensure minimal resistivity.

Here are some of the applications that an electrical resistivity system can execute.

  • Ground exploration; water and mining sourcing.
  • Urban engineering
  • Bedrock detection for pile driving
  • Seawater intrusion investigation
  • Dam seepage
  • Archaeological studies
  • Sediment assessment
  • Borehole mapping

All of the above applications fall under the umbrella of electrical sensitivity systems and the experts would be able to give you more details and even handle the project on your behalf.

Specialised equipment

There are online suppliers of Geomative instrumentation, which is known to be the best, offering a wide range of products, which include:

  • Resistivity meter systems
  • Ground penetrating radar hosts
  • Ground penetrating radar antenna

Multi-channel units are designed for large projects, shortening the time it takes to complete the survey. This equipment can be purchased or hired,  whichever you need.

Geophysical project specialists

The company that supplies the geophysical equipment can also design your project from the ground up; they can provide the following:

  • Summary of geology survey
  • Terrain survey
  • Grid set up and pre-survey prep
  • Calculate labour requirements

Field Acquisition and supervision

This type of company can put together a professional team to carry out the work; choosing a leading provider will ensure that your project is professionally supervised; Google can help you source such a company and they would be happy to have a video call to discuss your project. With their help, the surveying will be handled, leaving you to focus on other aspects of your business. Click here for tips on business management software.

Training your staff

In the event you have your own survey team, you can enrol them in a range of training programs, during which your employees learn how and when to use the equipment. This is a specialised field and when an undergraduate starts work, it is good to have supervision and on-site training. Mining and resource exploration is booming and this means there is a high demand for geophysical surveys; if you have a need for a certain electrical resistivity system, talk to a company that has a sound reputation within the industry.

Electromagnetic surveys

Surface EM surveys are a speciality, along with down-hole EM solutions and if you need a turnkey solution, there are 3rd party contractors you can outsource the operation to. If you are planning to set up a geophysical company, the Thai Board of Investment (BoI) offers many incentives to attract foreign investment in certain sectors.

The Internet hosts a wealth of information about electrical resistivity and with a few Google searches, you will find exactly what you are looking for; whether you need just the equipment or the relevant labour and project design, the third-party provider has you covered.


Teresa Martinez

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