Entrepreneurial Journey And Success Tips By Jeff Lopes

 Entrepreneurial Journey And Success Tips By Jeff Lopes

For those who are aspiring entrepreneur can get useful information for the success and entrepreneurial journey of Jeff Lopes. Here we are gaining knowledge of all the ups and downs from the man itself.

So what is it all about, your entrepreneurial journey?

Jeff Know Inc. is a dedicated and fruitful venture of mine. I established this venture at the early age of 24 years, and since then, I have been a serial entrepreneur. My whole life is the summation of the knowledge gained for nurturing my entrepreneurial skills as well as providing help to others. For the last three years, I have been working to pass on this knowledge so that maximum people could see the immense possibilities as an entrepreneur. Jeff Knows Inc. is a podcast that provides me with the opportunity to connect with all the aspiring top-class entrepreneurs and providing them with immense help. I host this podcast, and the guests can talk freely, so that they can get all the information regarding being a good entrepreneur. Jeff Knows Inc Platforms to listen helps in getting all the information regarding entrepreneurship.

Apart from this podcast, what are the other ventures you are engaged in?

I started a Boxing and Martial Arts Equipment Brand, i.e. Kimurawear in 2006, which has gained its fair share of popularity. It is available in more than 1800 locations in North America. The icing on the cake is its customizing division. We have gained massive popularity and customers who prefer customized equipment. This company has sold over a quarter-million pairs of boxing gloves that make it quite incredible.

Does your business has been affected by the pandemic?

Yes, of course, this pandemic has provided a glance at an extensive disastrous situation. As Kimurawear is related to the sports industry and most with gyms, it hit us hard throughout the lockdown period. However, we didn’t lower the sail as we are adamant about overcoming this situation. The gradual opening of all the ventures will help us in getting back with full force. I am pretty sure to hit the market hard.

How can our readers connect to you?

Those who want to connect via online medium can access join my podcast as it is a weekly schedule. There they can interact and ask questions regarding entrepreneurship difficulties and other issues. They can also directly email at my ventures, and essential details are:

My Company: Kimurawear

Podcast: Jeff Knows Inc., Jeff Knows Inc. Platforms to listen

Social Media:




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