Essential Tips That Will Help You To Enhance Your Sales Pitch Technique

A sales pitch is a script or a written speech that helps a salesperson to sell his product with more ease. Whether you are a normal individual who is trying to sell his product or a start up business trying to advertise their product, a sales pitch is required to promote your product and brand in an ideal way. A perfect sales pitch should have the power to attract the listeners and the viewers to your product. Here are some tips that will help you to enhance your pitching technique:

1.   Target The Right Audience

You must know your target audience who can appreciate your work and understand the importance of your product. For example, if you wish to sell a paint brush then you must look for an artist. Selling a paint brush to a plumber would be a waste of time and energy. You need to look for the people who really need your product and are ready to hear you out.

2.   Grab The Attention

Not everyone is ready to hear you out. You need to grab their attention by asking a question or by saying a line that will leave them thinking about it. For example, if you wish to sell mosquito repellent spray, then you can ask the person “do you know how many mosquitoes are there in your house right now?” These types of questions will grab the attention of the other person and you will get some time to prepare your pitching technique [เทคนิค การ pitching, which is the term in Thai].

3.   Customer Benefit Is The Top Priority

Customers will only listen to you if they will find their benefit in your product. Therefore, always highlight the benefits that the customer will get so that the customer realises that he really needs this product.

4.   Show The Evidence

It is important that the customer believes in you and your product. You need to show the evidence that you are genuine and not from a fraud company. You can show your company’s profile on various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, twitter, YouTube etc. You can even share the progress rate with the customer. Tell him about the number of sales you’ve made in the last year and the profit you are getting from it. In the end, the customer should be convinced that you are a genuine person selling a genuine product.

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