Everything You Need for an Outdoor Concert

 Everything You Need for an Outdoor Concert

Planning an event outside comes with a big to-do list. Although having events outdoors can certainly be the easiest space-saving solution, accommodating guests’ comforts can become a little tricky. Combine that with an event like a concert, and the pressure to put together a flawless occasion can double. Fortunately, with a little planning and preparation, putting together the perfect outdoor concert is more attainable than you may think.

Outdoor Restrooms

The first thing you want to take care of includes making sure every attendee has access to bathrooms. Look for accommodating bathroom rentals for concerts and have enough placed throughout the grounds. You want restrooms to be easily accessible, clean, and plenty of them. It’s always better to prepare for more than not have enough. 

Venue & Permits

When you look for an outdoor venue to host an event like a concert, you’re going to want to pay attention to a few key things.

  • Look at capacity and make sure the venue you’re considering is capable of holding more than your estimated capacity.
  • Check to see if the venue offers weather-appropriate solutions. Should you run into rain, can the concert be held inside or will you need to reschedule?
  • Find out what amenities are included in your venue.

After you decide on an appropriate place to host your concert, make sure you get permits. If you fail in getting the correct permits to host an event, you could be shut down. 


Sound quality is important when it comes to music. You’ll want the equipment up to date and ready to assist with the band’s needs. Remember to check your sound system, lighting, and any additional equipment to make sure it’s ready to go long before the band and guests arrive. A few handy things to keep on hand include:

  • Keep extra power and extension cords around.
  • It always pays to have additional batteries on hand.
  • Carrying duct tape can help create a quick and reliable fix to most unexpected outdoor needs.

Hosting outdoors can feel overwhelming, but with a checklist and a focus on the goals, you’ll have a concert that’s well on its way to success.

Dom Charlie

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