Exploring cheerleading fundraiser ideas

 Exploring cheerleading fundraiser ideas

You can’t help but admire the lovely cheerleaders while they perform their cheers. Imagine where they get the finances for fancy outfits, hard training, and travel expenses. You got it right! They get funded through cheerleading fundraising.

Cheerleading fundraising is fun and profitable. Of course, there is hard work, but it’s nothing compared to the profit and excitement cheerleaders get. There are many fundraising ideas that you can get from the internet. However, this article will let you explore the profitability of a brochure cheerleading fundraising.

Brochure fundraiser is not that hard to understand. If you are familiar with the popular fundraising ideas, you will easily understand what a brochure fundraiser is. It’s like bake sales, cookie dough, gift wrapping, etc. For help with your cheer fundraising, visit Fundraising Zone.

The difference with brochure cheerleading fundraising is, you don’t have to sell in a booth. You don’t need to have excess inventory for the products. You only have to deliver according to orders.

Benefits of Printed Cheerleading Fundraising Brochure

  • You get to explain to people the cause of your cheerleading fundraising.
  • You can easily promote activities or products being offered in the fundraiser.
  • People will know exactly where their money is going.
  • You can tell people how they can make a difference by supporting your cause.
  • You will not need a store or booth to sell the products.
  • Cheerleading fundraising brochures will do the order taking for you.
  • You will only have no upfront cost for the products as supporters will give upfront payment for their orders.
  • You will not have to maintain an inventory of products.
  • Brochures are not expensive to print.

Cheerleading Fundraising Brochure Ideas

There are several cheerleading fundraising ideas that you could think of. There are many products to sell using the brochure fundraiser. The following are some of the best cheerleading fundraising brochure ideas that you can organize.

Spring Cheerleading Fundraising Brochure

This cheerleading fundraising is perfect in preparing for the coming Spring season. Just think of products that you can sell with your brochure. A good tip is to think of eco-friendly products in anticipation of the Earth Day. It can be some garden gift products or some graduation gift sets. You may offer fun products for pranking in anticipation of April Fool’s Day. Be creative and always include the “fun” theme in your Spring Cheerleading Fundraising Brochure.

Snacks Cheerleading Fundraising Brochure

Everybody eats snacks to help energize the body. Office workers eat snacks during office breaks. Students have snacks during recess periods. With this in mind, snacks can be profitable for cheerleading fundraising. Think of snack products that you can include in your brochure.

A list below may give you some idea:

  • Almonds covered with rich chocolate
  • Caramelized peanuts
  • Choco pretzels
  • Plain salt pretzels
  • Mixed nut
  • Raisins covered with chocolate

Pre Portioned Cookie Dough Cheerleading Fundraising Brochure

Who wouldn’t love freshly baked cookies for breakfast or snack? What if you could have ready-mixed, pre-portioned cookie dough ready for baking? Wouldn’t it be a time saver for busy moms? If you’re getting the idea, then go for this profitable cheerleading fundraising brochure. Don’t forget to include variants in your brochure.

Edible Cookie Dough Cheerleading Fundraising Brochure

If you love the pre-portioned cookie dough because it is a real time-saver, then there is no doubt you’ll love the edible cookie dough too. What’s good about this edible cookie dough is that you can scoop it right out from its container and eat. It’s made to be eaten like ice cream – no cooking. You can search Google on how to make one for your cheerleading fundraising brochure. You may try to use different flavors like brownie mix, chunky chocolate, or peanut butter mix.

Popcorn Cheerleading Fundraising Brochure

What product can sell like popcorns? Nothing but popcorn itself! With this in mind, popcorn cheerleading fundraising will definitely be profitable. The good thing about popcorn is that they are easy to cook. What else? Flavors can easily be added to popcorn.

For your popcorn brochure, here is a list of flavors you may include:

  • Plain salt and butter
  • Caramel
  • White Cheddar
  • Cheese Flavor
  • Sweet and Spicy
  • Cinnamon
  • Sweet butter

Don’t hesitate to try this profitable cheerleading fundraising, and see your fundraiser thermometer quickly rise up.

Selling Gift Wrap Cheerleading Fundraising Brochure

Selling gift wrap can be profitable especially in anticipation of Holiday seasons. Try to find season-themed gift wraps to sell with your brochure fundraiser. Offer enough designs to include in your brochure so supporters may have enough options to choose from. Offer something for free along with your gift wrap brochure fundraiser. It may be a free card with an envelope. Including a free ribbon will also make your cheerleading fundraising more attractive.

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