Fashion Statement Jewelry to Ramp up Your Look

 Fashion Statement Jewelry to Ramp up Your Look

Jewelry is one of the dearest possessions for women. It is the loving accessory that every woman loves to don. If you are looking for inspiration and want to indulge in some jewelry trends we have compiled a list of top jewelry pieces you should add to your collection.

#1. A Watch: 

 Watch is one of the most important pieces of jewelry everyone, irrespective of age or gender should own. This subtle piece of jewelry is both functional and stylish. Watch has a transformative effect and can instantly amp up your outfit. Invest in a piece that has feminine charm and can go well with all kinds of outfits.

#2. A Gold Locket:

gold locket is probably one of the first pieces of jewelry a woman chooses to invest in. A locket can infuse character and add interest to any outfit. Wear them with a casual tee and jeans, this treasured accessory will make even your dull outfit sparkle.

#3. Large Metallic Hoops

 A simple hoop earring is one best jewellery gifts. This timeless piece can easily please onlookers. It just infuses the right amount of elegance into your look. Especially, when your hair is tied up a pair of hoop earrings adds feminine charm and the right amount of interest to your look.

#4. Gold and Silver Studs:

 Simple studs make a huge statement. Wearing these essential pieces lend you a complete look. Studs are versatile pieces and are available in a range of options including heart, pyramid, star, bar, etc. The stud earring can be worn on an everyday basis either with a necklace or bracelets. These are also available in diamonds.

#5. An Everyday Necklace:

Everyone needs to own that one necklace that can go well with all outfits and is fit for every occasion. Be it silver or gold, there are numerous ways to style an everyday necklace. Your everyday necklace should be chosen such that it can grab attention instantly. Wearing a single necklace will create a statement that will make you stand out in the crowd.

#6. A Diamond Ring: 

 Diamond rings are timeless pieces. These can be adorned to ooze elegance to any outfit. For diamond rings, you can also go for stackable or colorful options. Diamond rings are a forever piece for your jewelry box. Be it your casual or formal attire, diamond rings have got their place reserved.

#7. A Linked Bracelet:

Chain links are evergreen pieces. In form of bracelets, chains exude classic elegance. A chain bracelet can adorn your wrist for a refined look. No matter how many seasons come and go, chain bracelets are here to stay for long.

#8. Pearl strand: 

When it comes to timeless jewelry pieces, it is difficult to ignore a strand of pearls. A strand of pearls freshens up your look and lends you a unique statement that is impressively refined.

So this is all about the statement jewelry pieces that have the charm to glam up your look instantly.

Teresa Martinez

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