Feel fresh and get rid of smelly balls before your next date

 Feel fresh and get rid of smelly balls before your next date

Certain problems are so personal for each one of us that we hesitate to discuss it anyone and thus finding a solution to it becomes more difficult. One such problem is smelly private parts, be it for a man or a woman. However, it has been noticed that women discuss these topics with their peers and gynecologists more easily and men generally suffer in silence.

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Reasons for smelly private parts in men

There are many causes that could lead to a consistent foul order in your private parts and some of the causes are:

  • Your diet can be the cause of the smell. Yes, you have heard it right. What you put in your mouth can affect how you smell down there.
  • This is true if you are eating food such as fish (high in choline), cruciferous vegetables (cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower,) garlic, onion, and junk food high in trans fat.
  • High sugar content in your diet can alter the microbial habitat of your body and that could be responsible for that foul smell.
  • Hot weather season could be the culprit for you as you are sweating more than usual.
  • Over-tight clothes can cause the sweat to accumulate and produce a bad odor if you are unable to clean it frequently.
  • Lastly, not grooming and taking showers on a regular basis can definitely produce a bad odor from your armpits and your private parts as well.

Thus; stay away from junk and high sugary treats. They not only cause bad body odor but are also responsible for many lifestyle related diseases including obesity and diabetes. Avoid consumption of fish if your body has difficulty in releasing choline. Do not consume cruciferous vegetables a day prior to your date.

In the end; keep your hygiene a priority and you will not have to deal with that smell ever again. If these simple changes do not help with your problem; check with your doctor as you might be suffering from diseases such as trimethylaminuria, or other yeast or bacterial infections that need treatment.

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