Feng Shui Tips for Controlling your Anger

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Feng Shui is a powerful Chinese method of organising your space and objects in such a way that there is a flow of positive energy or chi in your house. You can apply the rules of Feng Shui in any space you inhabit. Be it your home, office or any other place you frequent on a daily basis. There are some simple and basic rules that you can start this journey by. It is not important that you have to invest in Feng Shui items Online immediately. They will help you tremendously but you should do your proper research before you decide to engage with it on a larger scale. More importantly, the first and foremost aspect of Feng Shui is the placement of objects and how you utilise your space. 

  • Find Your Earth Element: We have set the path. We know that your space is what will be changed in this process. So, it is important you find your earth element first. It can be anything stone, crystals, sand, etc. Anything that speaks to your aesthetic energy. It should be a lot of crystal, ceramic and porcelain. It should ideally be in the south- west direction of your house. You should not over do it but the lack of it removes focus and concentration from your life. This should be done in a very minimalistic sense.
  • Clean Out Your Space: One of the biggest hindrances in our life, is too much clutter. It can be in the form of a messy closet, a piece of painting or furniture you detest, or unnecessary hoarding. It may be the case that you are holding onto years of unused items. You always say that they may come in handy and they just never have. That is where you should ideally start. Get rid of everything you do not actually need and are simply holding onto. Clearing of physical space can be a very therapeutic process. When things around you are clean and organised, you are automatically going to be in a better mood. 

If it is your office space you are working on right now, clear unnecessary files, have a filing system. If there is a cabinet blocking the hallway or the main door, change its location.

  • Have an Environment of Calm and Security: Once you get rid of the things that are causing a physical hindrance in your life, you need to fill it up with things that actually make you happy. It can be books, candles, mirrors, lamps, etc. It should be an object that makes the space more well- lit or adds a calming sense to it. 

When you start with these small yet powerful steps, you will see a change in your everyday life immediately. You know exactly where everything is kept. You are a lot more organised. And, it is a space you now enjoy. Hence, you look forward to coming back to it.   

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Clare Louise

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