Field Trip Fundraisers for Parent-Teacher Association

 Field Trip Fundraisers for Parent-Teacher Association

Schools have a long list of academic activities for a school year, and that includes after school activities like field trips. Field trips are costly and schools have this problem of limited funds. Due to high operational costs, schools resort to fundraising to help cope up with the expenses for extra-curricular activities. Fortunately, there is a Parent-Teacher Association or PTA to support the school in raising funds for a field trip.  For more information on actionable fundraising ideas, visit Fundraising Zone to get started

Field trips are often misunderstood as an unnecessary school activity. Most of the time parents see field trips as just another useless expense. However, it is proven that field trips are one of the most effective ways of enhancing the learning experience of students. It is like introducing the students to the practical applications of what they learn inside the classroom. This is why PTAs are very supportive when it comes to fundraising for a field trip.

Schools clearly understand that parents are already overwhelmed by daily living expenses. Asking them for additional fees for field trips may be too much. This is when a PTA comes to work with the school. Hand in hand, PTA and the school find solutions to raise funds that will cover a field trip’s cost. There are a great number of solutions for a PTA to raise funds for a field trip. Read on and learn about these fundraising ideas that would come in handy in times when you become (or even already) a member of the PTA.

Membership Fees

Most PTAs are charging membership fees and the money is used to support school-related activities. This way, the association will have a ready fund for any emergency expenses that may occur. This PTA membership fee may also be used as a fundraising tool in supporting the need of the school to organize a field trip for students. Of course, the use of PTA funds must be deliberated first by the membership before releasing any funds.

Yard Sale

Most families have unused items in their homes piling up. This clutter will just collect dust and will soon be too difficult to organize as they pile up. This home clutter can be put to good use to earn some money. If a school is short of funds for a field trip, a yard sale is a good option for a fundraiser. PTA members shall participate and invite everyone in the community to donate their items that could be of value to a yard sale. Pick a sale date and consider placing the sale within the schoolyard.


The PTA may also consider promoting wellness while raising funds for a school field trip. A good way to exercise is by walking. Hosting a walkathon will surely raise a good amount of money. This event will also help parents, teachers, students and other members of the community to take a break from work and have fun in the outdoors. To raise funds, participants will be asked to secure pledges for a distance that they will be able to walk. Although most money will come from pledges, the PTA can also offer other items to sell. Since walkathons are mostly done in the outdoors, selling some drinks for refreshments would be lucrative. Selling some snacks will also bring in more money as participants will most likely get hungry in the event.

Grocery Store Fundraiser

Most grocery stores are willing to give out donations to a cause. The PTA may ask around the community and ask grocery stores if they can participate in a fundraiser for a school field trip. One option is to ask a grocery store if they can give special discounts for the fundraiser. The PTA shall print coupons and distribute them to people around the community. By doing this, the grocery store will have more customers and that means more income. To help the PTA, the grocery store will donate a portion of each sale to the fundraiser for the field trip.

Another option is by setting up a grocery delivery program. This can be set up within the school community. Volunteers from the PTA and students will shop and deliver groceries for the community members. This is like providing an errand service (shop and delivery). This would be a hit for busy parents and the elderly who are having a hard time going to the grocery to buy their stuff. This option will earn money in two ways. One is by charging a fee for the errand, and the other is by asking the grocery store to donate a part of their income per sale.

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