Five Easy and Hassle-free cheer fundraiser ideas

 Five Easy and Hassle-free cheer fundraiser ideas

Is your cheerleading team finding a way to cover the costs of your uniforms, performances, and competitions for the year? For groups with little support, fundraising is a beneficial way to sustain their needs.  cheer fundraiser ideas can ease the financial burden of cheerleaders and their families in carrying on their careers in cheerleading.

As for most cheerleaders and even their coaches, finding ways to raise funds does not sound easy, with all the preparations and execution in mind. We all want hassle-free preparations, and we do not want to consume so much time and effort for a tiny result. Thankfully, here are five easy and simple fundraising ideas that will surely help you. All you need is the motivation and guts to do themFor help with your cheer fundraising, visit Fundraising Zone.

Number one is conducting pep rallies. This idea is the easiest. It will only require your team’s presence and, of course, your given talents!  You can carry it out with minimal preparations, as for sure, before doing the activity, you have already done a series of practice. In this event, you can charge very affordable entrance fees with lesser prices than the usual. The good thing with this fundraiser is that you can even garner support or fans for future games. Plus, it is also an excellent way to show support to different sports teams and make unities with them.

Number two is setting up a raffle. The first thing you need to do here is print raffle tickets in your own homes. Then, buy random stuff in stores that you think will attract your fellow students and friends to buy a raffle ticket. The prizes do not need to be expensive; they just need to be catchy. You can explore giving away chocolates, a bag of chips, free movie passes, or bouquet to the winners. You can sell the raffle tickets at a price range of one to two dollars. For a successful set up of your raffle, you can ask donations or sponsorships from shops and other businesses. Local businesses that are not very popular yet can give you items as it is good PR for them. You can hold raffles during game events, pep rallies, and spirit week.

Number three is making a garage sale. Each person in your team can pitch in old yet usable clothes or uniforms, antique items and memorabilia, popular band merchandise, albums, guitars, or anything you can think! Say you are fifteen in a team, and each one of you brings in ten items. That will make a hundred and fifty. You only need to find the right place to put on your garage sale; you can choose the one with lots of people passing by. You can pick a treasurer from your team that will manage your sales.

Number four is selling homemade cookies. Almost everyone loves cookies, especially people at your age, and most especially, kids! It will be easier if you have one of your team who knows how to bake one. But if not, it is easily searchable online. Just make sure you have a microwave oven. You can choose from a variety of flavors – chocolate chips, butter oatmeal, cinnamon roll, etc. Each of your team can sell these cookies independently to their friends and relatives. It can be personal or online. The minimum cost of this fundraiser is only 10 dollars, so it is affordable. Many schools have already gained a thousand dollars with making this!

Number five is selling merchandise. Aside from raising profits, you can advocate or promote your team through this. You can make pins, backpacks, tumblers, caps, hooded sweatshirts, with your logo. You can be more creative by making them aesthetically appealing and incorporating popular culture such as memes! Selling merchandise is popular in schools, as students like to buy such stuff even if they are not necessary. You can set up a booth during major events and games in your school or outside. You can also sell them online to reach more people.

Now that you have known these five easy and hassle-free fundraising ideas, the challenge is talking it with your team. Meet with them and brainstorm. Consider what is the most appropriate and the most convenient activity for all of you. After then, you can now build it up and work together to popularize it.

Gill Daniel

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