Five essential e-commerce tools which are important for online sellers

E-commerce sales are a big hit from 2019. Alone in the US, the sales are expected to reach the mile of $750 billion in 2020. To run an e-commerce business is never without challenges, you are directly competing with over 3-4 million such businesses. To have a head-to-head competition, you will need some of the best e-commerce tools to unleash your maximum potential.

GroupBy Inc. is one of the best examples of an e-commerce solution provider, uses machine learning that empowers the digital team to deliver a personalized site experience that helps the businesses in cost-cutting and increase in revenue.

To grow your e-commerce business, digital tools are very crucial: marketing tools for helping you to attract more customers, analytics tools are used for understanding the audience and also improving your strategy, research tools for understanding your competitors and their strategies.

Here are all the best tools that you need once your online store is up and running.


When you don’t have a resource to hire a web developer and you have very little tech knowledge, Shopify is one of the best business tools to pick up. It is a fully hosted package that takes care of everything from backup to updates, it is a built-in marketing tool that you can use for campaigns on any social media site.


The importance of personalization in the e-commerce business has grown rapidly, to form a better online customer experience. Monetate is such tool that will help you to optimize and personalize your customers’ experiences.


It is a very powerful tool for your search engine by optimizing the online store. You can audit your site or your competitors and receive a report indicating the strengths and weaknesses of a complete site, which will advance you to compare sites in your niche.


Linkio is used as a competitive analysis tool for marketers looking to improve their rankings. With the help of Linkio you can create a link-building blueprint that provides you the answers to questions related to quantity and types of links to build.


If you want to make a powerful global logistics network the Shipwire is one of the most common tools. It is a cloud-based logistic platform that can help to manage all the logistics in one place. Using a third-party network and Ingram Micro’s fulfillment centers, Shipwire keeps your inventory securely stored and close to your customers. You can also use Shipwire to deliver your product all over the world.

In an e-commerce business, you need few different tools. Take the time to properly research each tool along with the integrations it offers so that you can properly use the most out of your investments and connect your different tools and software to maximize your results.

GroupBy is a US-based company a provider of e-commerce search and merchandising solutions. GroupBy reviews are from leading retailers, such as Urban Outfitters, CVS, and The Container Store, which increase conversions, revenue, and profits.

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