Fly Fishing Is The Next Big Sport

 Fly Fishing Is The Next Big Sport

I am a sports blogger, and my job consists of me writing about what’s cool among younger people; millennials in particular. The cool things are often changing, but some really stick. I tend to write about all of it. It’s my job to delve into these things, and give them a try. Much like yoga, fly fishing is one of the things that has seemed to stick. So I went ahead and decided to see what all of the fuss was about. 

I checked in with some friends to see if we could get a few people together to give this a go. We got everything worked out fairly easily. We planned to stay local and rent all of our equipment, since none of us had ever really done this before. The plan was to have a guide show us what was what so that we weren’t just going in blind.

After a couple hours in nature, my friends and I were hooked. There was something about it; maybe the quiet of the outdoors or the shared experience with people I care about, but I felt really at peace during the whole excursion. 

Before the day was over, we had already made a plan to do it again in two weeks. I definitely did not expect it to go over like that. I figured some would find it boring, myself included, but I couldn’t be more wrong about that. 

In between the two weeks, I decided to dig into information on some fly fishing equipment that I could purchase. It was helpful in my research for my latest blog post, and for my own use in case this next trip went as well as the last one. I could see myself wanting to do this more often.

In terms of expense, it was pretty steep to collect all of the equipment at once, so I made the decision for this trip that I would rent again, and make my decision from there. As with anything else, renting is great if it’s in the short term. If I planned to make this a regular occurrence, it would make more sense to purchase my own. For now, this was the convenient route.

My friends and I took a weekend trip, about 3 hours away from home, and stayed overnight. As expected, it was a blast, and we all enjoyed our experience again. When we returned to where we were staying for the night, we discussed taking this up as a hobby, since we were all having such a good time with it. 

We all agreed that when we returned home, on our own time we’d research things that made sense to purchase and what we could maybe chip in on together, and what would make sense to continue to rent for the time being. Me being the researcher that I am, made it easier to find a lot of useful information.

I found a place called Trouts Fly Fishing. They had loads of useful information on their website, including a blog that was extremely informative. I kept looking at their Riversmith River Quiver Rod Carrier. This was definitely something I wanted to bring up to my friends. They had one that could carry 4 rods, and there were 4 of us, so it seemed like the perfect thing to split 4 ways, to cut down a little on the expenses. 

My friends were on board with my idea. I did some research on some other carriers, but wasn’t exactly impressed with the reviews I found. This one from Trouts Fly Fishing seemed like the ticket, so we ordered it.

It was the right decision on our part. We all purchased our own rods, which means wherever we went we’d have to transport them, and we wanted to do that safely. When we got it and used it for our first trip, we couldn’t have been happier. It wasn’t loud, it didn’t move, and our rods were unharmed when we arrived at our destination. This trip was a bit longer. It took us 5 hours, and we figured that was a pretty good test. 

On top of that, the product has a lifetime guarantee, which is unheard of. My friends and I are really happy with our decision, and highly recommend it to anyone who loves fly fishing.


Shreyashi is a software engineer in the US. Along with her work schedule, she has managed to travel all the 50 States of the country and wants to pen down her experiences, journeys, and joys through her write-ups and share them with the world. You can find more details on

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