Four common interior design mistakes to avoid

 Four common interior design mistakes to avoid

It happens with most of us that we see some attractive decorative piece and think that it’s the perfect for house décor. Out of excitement, we bring it in home as new-found treasure only to realise that it looks out-of-place or rather hideous. Then as usual, we regret that why we made the wrong decision.

What most of us fail to understand is that interior design needs a knowledgeable approach! It isn’t something like you buy a cheaper pair of earning and if it doesn’t match with your current clothes collection, then you can preserve it for future use. It’s not an ordinary shopping, as you do not need any unnecessary things to bright up things at your home.

Decorating the home is more difficult than you think and below listed are some common mistakes that people make in their home interior. Avoid these mistakes to get yourself a well-designed space.

Not considering scale in interior design

When you enter into your house, it should be like a combination of different levels; do not buy stuffs, such as painting wall, hanging pieces of same length. Decorate your room with different sizes or heights of furnishing elements. You need an experienced eye to design a room with perfection. Too many tiny pieces arranged in a room can give a cluttered and very confusing look, whereas too many bulky or large items can make the room look small and stuffed. The secret to right scale is a combination of different sizes, heights and shapes.  This is the reason why you need to hire professional designer to get proportion in a successful design.

Not clear with interior concept

When you buy any furnishing piece, people just think about the practical usage, but not giving much attention how it would fit in the room or not thinking about the end result. Have a clear concept in mind on the layout, colours, and style that you prefer to have in your room. Be honest to buy for your harmonious, cohesive space.

Selecting the design for only one room

Many people are making this mistake of getting the interior done for only one room, not thinking about the concept for another bedroom. You need to consider your house as a whole, not room by room. Any apartment or home feels more pleasant and spacious when it has a cohesive design style. You’re free to play with different colour combinations or other design elements in specific rooms, but don’t make it completely different that it looks like your neighbour’s house. Style it more carefully to get a cohesive, pleasant environment.

Not asking for design suggestion

Seek guidance from an interior designer for an honest opinion on fabrics, material selection, colour choice, and room arrangement. Every designer would guide you to choose the best design being adorned with quality, furnishings, and tasteful fixtures.

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