Fresh Fruit Juice Powder: A New & Exciting Market Opportunity

 Fresh Fruit Juice Powder: A New & Exciting Market Opportunity

The world has embraced health & fitness, which is a great thing and as technology continues to develop, new and exciting innovations emerge; one such advance is real fruit juice powder. All the goodness of fresh fruit juice is captured during a special freeze process and all you need to add is cold water and you have a delicious drink with all the goodness of freshly squeezed fruit juice. 

Huge Market for Fruit Juice Powder

There are many business sectors that would prefer the convenience of powdered fruit juice, including the following:

  • Seminars/workshops – You could supply powdered beverages for seminars and workshops by contacting hotels and other venues that hold such events.
  • Coffee shops/restaurants – We all know how messy and time-consuming it is to squeeze fresh fruit and make juice; which is why vendors prefer fruit juice powder and there are so many flavours. All you need to do is source a manufacturer of fruit juice powder and set up an account with them; then you can market to various sectors.
  • Hotel/hospitality – All hotels, large and small, have a need for fresh fruit juice and having this in powdered form makes life that much easier. There is zero wastage, which adds to your profit and the powder can be stored indefinitely, which is another big plus.
  • Pubs/ clubs – These establishments have a need for fresh fruit juice and all you have to do is visit venues and leave a sample and your contact details. The product sells itself, the delicious taste and the fact that no nutrients are lost in the freeze process, should be enough for the vendor to place an order. Click here for tips on using business management software.
  • Factories/warehouses – Employees can now enjoy fruit juice with their lunch and during official breaks; employers that are health-conscious will love to offer this product instead of soft drinks that are regarded as unhealthy.
  • Offices – Why can’t office staff enjoy delicious passion fruit or lychee juice? Now they can and once the machine is in place, it is easy to add powder. Many employers will see the positives of including this product in the workplace.
  • Gyms/fitness centres – What better drink to offer fitness fanatics than fruit juice with all the natural nutrients? The list of flavours is long and if you order testing packs, you can offer these to your customers and let them try all of the different flavoured drinks, then they can place their order.

Setting up a supply business

When you register your business, you can supply businesses with your product; once the company is registered and you have an office, the next step would be to make a deal with the fruit juice powder manufacturer. Then you can invest in lots of sample packages and distribute them free of charge to potential customers; the product speaks for itself and we don’t recommend traditional marketing with this product – samples will sell the product.


Teresa Martinez

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