Fulfill Your All Needs With ADU Los Angeles

 Fulfill Your All Needs With ADU Los Angeles

Thinking of expanding your home in Los Angeles? Then ADU serves as the best choice for you which not only expands your living space but also adds value to your house. ADU or accessory dwelling unit is a legal term used for describing a secondary house or living space that shares the space of a large house or prime home unit. However these extensions of the house can’t be sold or bought separately by an owner.

The popularity of these units are increasing day by day in ADU Los Angeles and many people, especially Millennials, are investing hugely on ADUs. However ADUs can’t be built randomly and various architectural and structural regulations have to be followed while building it. If you have a large backyard, you can easily build an ADU over there or you can use your garage to transform it into an ADU.

Major Highlights Of ADU

Here are the major highlights of ADU that you should remember;

  • An accessory dwelling unit or ADU is basically an additional part of your house meant for expanding your living space.
  • ADU are mostly guest houses or spaces above garages.
  • ADU construction incurs various costs which include high design cost and tax charge.
  • Construction of ADU can be costly depending upon the previous design of the house.
  • ADUs can be built to bring additional income by renting the space.
  • Enhances the value of the house by a good margin.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of ADUs

ADUs are the current rage in Los Angeles mainly due to the benefits it has on offer but there are also many cons that you shouldn’t overlook. Let’s check them out;

Pros of ADUs

  • ADUs bring extra space in your house which can be utilized for different purposes. For example you can use it as a home office space or living space for guests.
  • It adds value to your property and increases the overall worth.
  • You can rent your ADU Los Angeles and get extra income from renting.
  • It also beautifies your house and brings a modern touch.

Cons of ADUs

  • ADUs can incur a lot of maintenance cost and tax charges over time.
  • The utility bills of the overall house will increase by a good margin.
  • It can take up space in a house that can be used for other purposes.

Understanding The Structure Of ADU In Los Angeles

ADU is a secondary structural unit of a house that many people are resorting to in Los Angeles to expand the space in their house. In the residential areas of ADU Los Angeles, ADU is basically treated as a small house with its doorway, kitchen area and a living space. These structural units can be built differently but they depend upon the main residential area for water and power supply.

These carriage houses do not always have to be attached to the primary house but can be built as a stand-alone build structure based on the primary house’s space. The boom of ADUs in Los Angeles came in when the zoning rules were revised and house owners were able to expand their structural limit to create a new additional unit.

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