Generate revenue with your own orthodontic practice

 Generate revenue with your own orthodontic practice



Most of the dentists face this common problem of low income as they need to pay the orthodontist for a consultation. Well, why pay for consultation when you can treat the patient yourself! The mentors of orthodontic courses have years of experience in providing comprehensive education where the participants learn to treat patients. The course consists of lectures on various topics of orthodontics and clinical hands-on sessions done directly on patients with orthodontics problems.

Objectives of the course

  • To enhance your professional growth
  • To provide you an environment to learn orthodontics from the basics to the treatment of the complex case.
  • To aid you in providing better services to the patients who look up to you for dental care
  • To help you gain knowledge about the different topics of orthodontics.
  • To help you become confident and provide appropriate orthodontic treatment to the patients.
  • To boost your growth as a dental profession
  • To help you get recognition as a renowned specialist amongst the dental fraternity.

Inclusions of the lecture

The participants will receive materials and supplies for the training session. They will also learn to understand and identify the various types of malocclusions in patients with effective treatment for the same. The active participation of the students in the part-time orthodontic courses will allow for the optimum learning experience for them. Apart from these, they will gain insight into the various techniques used for treating the malocclusions of patients with a hands-on included in the clinical training program.

Advantages of the course

With a limited number of participants, the course maintains a dynamic instructor to the student learning experience. The students get an amazing hands-on experience with training on patients. Some other advantages of the short term orthodontics course in the UK are:

  • Get to treat a number of cases including bracketing for a full-swing clinical experience.
  • Mentoring as well as consultation of the cases by the mentors without any extra fee.
  • Retake of the lectures of the course without any additional charges.
  • Constant monitoring of every case by the instructor during each session of the clinical training.
  • Minimizes the need for any functional appliances or any distalizing mechanics.
  • Reduces the need for performing orthostatic surgery on the patient.
  • Easier treatment of extraction cases.
  • Opening of anterior deep bite cases without the use of but planes.

Format of the course

These orthodontic courses for dentists are comprehensive where the participants get to treat patients and ensure desired outcomes. The course format includes:

  • Case selection
  • Etiology
  • Growth and development
  • Profile analysis
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment planning
  • Early treatment and orthodontics mechanics
  • Space maintenance and surgical orthodontics
  • Overjet or overbite
  • Open bite
  • Impaction and extractions
  • Retention and practice
  • Case finishing
  • Risk management
  • Case mentoring

Looking forward

The advantages of the course and the goals of the training program are to help you grow and establish yourself as a specialist in the field of orthodontics. This course is your route to success and to help you generate revenue by saving the money you spend on an orthodontist for a consultation.

Teresa Martinez

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