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Get Familiar with Services Enclosed Auto Transport Companies Offer

First-timers can find it hard to choose a car transport company. They are not even aware of how the transporting and shipping sector works. However, people are aware that a car gets extra protection in an enclosed carrier than an open trailer. They are unaware of the differences in enclosed services different car shipping companies offer. 

Auto transport direct carriers versus brokers

The majority of Google search results for ‘auto transport’ will be brokers. People are not aware of auto transport brokers when they have to transport their vehicles for the first time. The broker is commission agents that don’t own car hauling equipment, but bid your shipment needs to a carrier network. 

When you work with brokers, you are unaware of the carrier company or the trucker’s reputation. They look for cheap ways to transport your car, which may offer a bad experience. The carrier company chosen is sub-par with improper equipment, transport skills, and customer service. 

On the other hand, hiring a direct carrier you get a chance to do some research on the potential transport company’s experience and equipment type, insurance coverage, and how they work. This is where Shiply, your One-Stop shop, comes in. Shiply is the number one online resource which provides a business platform for shipping companies, delivery companies, individuals who wish to transport their items and pets, and people seeking employment in the shipping industry, that is people seeking to find delivery driver jobs or truckers looking for jobs. Shiply sets the conditions for the necessary vetting. For enclosed auto transport, you can approach Ship a Car, Inc as they are direct carriers with experience of decades. They have a team of experienced truckers and good equipment for a better car transport experience.

Safe loading

Car hauling ramps or hydraulic lift gates are used to load your car on the enclosed shipping trailers. Both have their pros and cons. 

Car hauling ramps 



Hydraulic lift gates



Securing vehicles

Chains or nylon straps are used to secure the car inside the trailer. The former is risky because plenty of strain is placed on the car axle, where it is secured. Over tightening of chains can damage car frame or suspension. If the chain loosens, the car gets banged on every pothole and bumps during the transit.

Nylon straps, when secured properly make a difference. To secure the car, go over the car’s tire and not through the rims. It avoids the rim from getting damaged. 

Extra precautions

Even in enclosed carriers, the car gets covered with plastic and cloth covers to avoid it getting dirty from dust or oil leaks from cars secured above. 

Car shipping companies even differ in their insurance coverage level. So, ask about the insurance coverage level the potential company carries to protect your car from loading to unloading. 

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