Graduate Student Diaries: My Experience Looking For A Laboratory Trolley And Storage Shelves

Laboratory storage shelves are essential for every workplace. They make things more efficient because students and other researchers know where and how to look for what they need. On top of that, it makes the atmosphere organised and calm by letting you say goodbye to clutter.

Being a grad student means procuring the necessary resources for my research project. Things were not as easy as you think, and let me share my experiences in looking for a manufacturer that made everyone in the laboratory meet their needs.


I am not in the place to say I am unlucky or one of the unfortunate people that happen to experience a renovation project in the laboratory during my research project. The higher-ups were trying to improve the interior condition of the space because of ageing. Since I was one of the older students, I had a small involvement in this minor project because I was the one who would benefit from them: Having a new laboratory trolleywould mean the world to me.


In defence of the higher-ups and professors, they did not ask me to do tasks outside my job description because the goal was to procure the necessary items to help students maximise their work and increase productivity. The problem was I did not know where to start because I was used to being given things on a silver platter. Purchasing stainless steel shelves on behalf of the laboratory was something I did not imagine.


After knowing the problem and trying to find an appropriate solution for it, I dared to ask people and use everything to my advantage. The first thing I did was to ask some of my classmates if they were familiar with a few businesses and retailers that offer laboratory equipment and furnishings. Some gave me promising answers, while others did not because of their unfamiliarity. However, I used that to my advantage and explored all the companies they suggested, which brings me to the second step. I visited their websites to browse their offerings, such as a wire security cage if our laboratory needs one.


After browsing and consulting with sales personnel, I finally decided on some items that the laboratory and everyone else would love! Before that, I made sure to present them to my academic coordinator and other staff because it was my project they were helping. They were also surprised with my choice of items because I considered everyone else in the lab and would benefit them. Overall, I met my goals while helping other students because of how I considered their needs and preferences. Think of it as maximising all the items and furnishings.

Purchasing laboratory storage shelves was the best thing during my research journey because it increased my productivity and efficiency. Aside from that, considering other people’s needs gave me the fulfilment that these items are for everyone! If you need these furnishings, visit Shelvings and explore their wonderful products.

Paul Watson

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