Great ideas to impress your crush

 Great ideas to impress your crush

Fallen in love at first sight? Before anybody takes a chance at your love interest, it’s better you jump to the opportunity and confess your feelings to them. But before the date, make sure you are well prepared to give your heart to them forever. The perfect way to impress your crush needs to be unique, passionate and you must gift them something personalised which is especially made for that special someone. Doing something for your crush that nobody has ever done for them will honestly work in your favour. They will love how you have planned everything so pleasingly to make them feel special. Don’t ever rush things or try to jump to conclusions by proposing them over whatsapp or call, make things swift gradually and just go with the flow. All the great things in life take time. Start chatting with them as a good friend so that they don’t feel you’re clingy or too desperate. After establishing a good bond you can set up a date and ask your other half to come over. We would suggest you to not fabricate things too much or don’t try too hard, just be yourself and go as raw as you can. Nothing Is sexier than an honest person who is candid enough to sway anybody’s heart.

To make your date even more special, we have a list of 4 ideas you can do to impress your crush:

  • Romantic Decorations: Name a person who doesn’t get impressed in a romantic surrounding. Rose decorations, scented candles, photo strings and heart shaped balloons are enough to set a level of your date. If you’re arranging a date at your place and inviting your crush over. Then you can opt for decorating the room with your pictures with her and make her reminded of all the good times you both have spent together and make her realise how you are the best person for him. You can choose to decorate the polaroid pictures with fairy lights and you can even mention the dates when you guys met. Trust me, a girl is so impressed by a guy who remembers. On top of that, scented candles and rose decorations will definitely elevate your mood to a romantic one.
  • Customised Chocolate Hampers: A girl never says no to chocolates. If you are thinking to gift her a chocolate, move over the trend of giving big silks and ferrero rocher boxes rather set up a trend of giving her customised chocolates. You can give her letter chocolates of her name or even add the three magical words of chocolate to the Customised Chocolate Hamper. For example: edible chocolates written like I LOVE YOU NEHA. By this way, you can also express your love in a very unique way and also gift her something she loves to eat. Trust me, nobody would have given her a chocolate like this or even proposed to her this way.
  • Golden Rose: Roses are a symbol of Love and Passion. They are able to appeal to any woman and to evoke positive reactions or responses. You must have seen many couples exchanging different color roses like red, pink, white and even black but gifting a golden rose to your crush will express your love and gratitude. The normal roses and bouquets might die in a day or two but this rose will stay with your beloved love for a lifetime. Everytime she will see it, her love for you will intensify. This gold rose is a perfect gift to impress your crush as this represents the pure bond of your love and is not something what every lover would give her. You can find this amazing product online at a very good price and get it delivered to your home all over India. No matter in which state your love story is budding you can get this golden rose gift delivery in PunePunjab, Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai or anywhere in India.
  • Be confident: Nothing can ever defeat a confident man! The most important tip to remember is: Women love confident man. To win any situation in life you have to be a good listener, a confident personality and a gentleman. For your date, take a shower, dress well, look tidy and smell really good. Don’t overdo things, you can opt for wearing a nicely pressed shirt with pants, set hair and polished shoes but don’t  forget to wear the most important accessory your confidence. Just be confident in yourself and enjoy her falling in love with you. Try leaving noticeable but humble clues, but don’t become invasive. Look at her, not stare, just look. And don’t forget to give her compliments on her look.

Play it calm! We understand how important the day is to as you are finally going to express your feelings to your lady love. Respect the boundaries and don’t push a girl to decide on anything. Keep talking and ask her leading questions and don’t forget to stay polite and gentle. Lastly don’t stop being her friend. We hope you have an enjoyable date. All the best!

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Chris Jorioso

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