Guidelines on Grease Cleaning from Commercial Kitchen Floors

 Guidelines on Grease Cleaning from Commercial Kitchen Floors

The major accidents that follow from grease at the commercial kitchens are slips and falls. And as you might be aware that slips and falls contribute to the compensation claims of the workers. As per studies, a whopping 85% of the worker’s compensation claims are related to the workers slipping and falling on the sticky floors.

The commercial kitchen floors, however, call for extra care to offer a clean and a safe walking surface. Besides the risk factors of bigger insurance claims and accidents, slippery and dirty floor often attributes to negative safety and sanitation reviews. Both of these factors are equal contributors to running the reputation of a food operation.

What Is Grease And Why Must It Be Cleaned?

Grease is considered to be the most stubborn soils in the commercial kitchens, and also one of the most difficult soils that deserve to be eliminated. Improper procedures of mopping and or dirty mop usage often leave behind grease. The mops and buckets that were previously used to clean grease may already have grease trapped on it. So, in case you aren’t cleaning them properly, using the same mop and bucket on the newly formed grease.

Why Use Grease Cleaning Machineries?

The food industry is expected to follow a few tough standards set by the government, for cleaning and sanitation. The grease from food handling and cooking is quite intimidating to get rid of, especially once it settles down on the surface. Grease can accumulate almost anywhere, so removing them has to be done with a heavy-duty power like a commercial grease cleaning machine (เครื่อง ขจัดคราบไขมัน, which is a term in Thai).

Reasons to Use the Machine

  • Grease Cleaners are eco-friendly. You do not need to use any chemical solution to achieve a good cleanliness standard.
  • The steam of high temperature can sanitize and disinfect any part of the kitchen surface.
  • The kitchen regions cleaned with grease cleaning machines dry faster than those cleaned by water.
  • The steam from the cleaner gets into the tiniest crevices and cracks that are usually hard to reach and clean.
  • The cleaning machine for grease dissolves the sticky and stubborn kitchen grease faster and effortlessly.

Keeping the floors of commercial kitchens are extremely important to stay at par with hygiene and sanitation standards and also to avoid accidents. Also, flooring needs to be maintained to look clean and sparkly all the time. Epoxy floor polishing machine (เครื่องขัดพื้น อีพอคซี่, term in Thai) is developed especially to polish wide floors. The variable working speed of the motor helps is efficient polishing of marble, concrete and terrazzo floors.

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