Hair Transplant- An Appropriate Solution For Baldness

 Hair Transplant- An Appropriate Solution For Baldness

 How devastating baldness could be is understood by us all as everyone has been in this phase at least once in their lifetime. Everyone stays fearful when thinking of baldness as no one wants to look older than their age. Hair loss has become one of the most common aesthetic concerns as is the first thing noticed by others being on the eye level. 

Hair transplant in that way looks as a life savior which can cover your bald area with natural looking results. Hair transplant has gained attention globally as people from all over the world are facing hair loss issue equally and bearing the consequences of it. With the advent of newer technology in the field of hair transplant it has gained lots of attention and popularity. 

Hair transplant in Dubai is very expensive as the economy of the city is high. Hair transplant cost in Dubai ranges from 17000 AED to 20000AED. The cost of hair transplant in India is approximately 5-6 times lesser than that of Dubai and other western world countries. The average hair transplant cost in India is 70000-400000 INR which is way too less as compared to the western world countries. Despite the affordable cost, the quality of services and standards maintained by the Indian clinics are at par. This lures the people from all over the world to take the benefit of getting hair transplant done in India. 

Hair loss and it causes

Hair loss could be temporary and permanent. Hair fall when exceeds 50-100 hairs could be alarming signs of hair loss which can be noticed by finding flocks of hairs in sink, on pillows or in comb. The biggest culprit of hair loss is genetic influence followed by multiple other factors including systemic diseases associated with hair loss, radio or chemotherapy and hormonal imbalance. There are other contributing factors which are associated with hair loss enhancing the rate of hair loss including increased pollution, increased stress, poor nutrition and changed lifestyle.  

Treatment strategies of hair loss

Usually when hair loss occur people tries to self treat it in order to cease the progression of hair loss. The natural and chemical based hair loss solution includes oils, shampoos and creams. The benefits of these cosmetic products are questionable. 

There are temporary ways by which you can hide hair loss includes custom wigs, suction wigs, hair extension, parting preferences and going bald all over. But these measures usually exhaust the sufferers in sometime and people look for permanent options.

There are 2 medications available in the market for hair loss solution. Minoxidil is a topically applied lotion available over the counter and is intended to slower the progression of hair loss. Including, finasteride is the drug available which is orally administered and is intended to reduce the progression of hair loss and fasten the rate of hair growth. These medications could be effective but the results are not guaranteed. The result could relapse after stopping the medicines. 

The final resort for hair loss solution is hair transplant surgery which is the most effective and appropriate treatment as it has many benefits over other treatment strategies including:

  1. The results achieved by hair transplant procedures are permanent unlike all other means which offer temporary solution.
  2. The hair transplant surgery offers natural looking results which are undetectable and not obvious to others.
  3. Hair transplant surgery offers long term benefits as there is provision of performing future sittings in case of future hair loss in other areas apart from the transplanted areas.
  4. Hair transplant can successfully boost your lost confidence by growing hairs on your bald area. 

But hair transplant like any other procedure as certain limitations which needs to be considered:

  1. It should not be mistaken as a regenerative procedure which can bring back your lost hair follicles.
  2. Hair transplant cannot provide immediate results and you need to wait for months to achieve the desired growth on your scalp. 
  3. Hair transplant could not provide complete coverage as was before hair loss and it could restore approximately 30% of the hair follicles. But the results you will achieve are surely worth getting the procedure done and are pleasant. The reason behind this is that every individual hair follicle needs separate blood supply for nutrition which could be provided only to limited amount of transplanted follicular grafts. 

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