Handy Provides You with Tips on Reading Two Books A Week

 Handy Provides You with Tips on Reading Two Books A Week


Books have not changed as the preferred medium of learning new topics or a medium for diving into different perspectives and experiences for a long time and for good reason. However, most of us can’t hit the goal of reading as many books as we want. Graduations, jobs, and other things take higher priority. However, according to Handy, you can still hit the goal of reading at least two books every week with these simple tips:

Tips & Tricks

  1. Bulk Purchase – Reading can be rewarding, but a costly habit. You can up the stakes and hold your purchase decisions as ransom. When you have plenty of books in your home you have plenty of choices and also influenced by a psychological effect where you want to get the knowledge return out of your investment instead of allowing them to rot away on the shelves.

You also get more choices that keep you from being a prisoner to a single author or genre. You don’t have to fear missing out on interesting topics or waste a major portion of your time reading through reviews. With a big inventory of books, you can just pick up a book and finish it.

  1. Always Keep Reading – ABC may be the popular network or the popular sales moto (Always Be Closing). However, for reading more books, you need to embrace a different moto, AKR or Always Keep Reading. It means maximizing your reading time without any excuses. It can be just an hour or a half during the weekdays and more than a couple of hours during the weekends.

Utilize your downtime as well as you can. Read while you are on public transport commuting to work. You can also open up a book when you are having lunch or waiting for your appointment at the doctor’s office. Just try to fill those idle gaps with some reading time.

  1. Read numerous books simultaneously – Some people like to read a book from cover to cover before moving on to the next. However, there’s no such rule that needs to be followed. Instead, you can read 40 pages of a book in the morning and a different one before going to bed. If you are a heavy reader you can even end up reading 3 or four different books at once.

It lets you break away from the stagnant storylines, switch between books according to your mood, or get a break with some adventure storyline after going through a book about investment analysis for hours. You may find that you are reading more than before and hitting the goal of reading two books each week has become easily achievable.


Handy suggests that you don’t push yourself too hard while you are trying to hit this goal or any goal for reading books. Books are enriching investments and if you can’t retain the knowledge and information you get out of them, it is completely futile. Just follow the tips above and you will be closer to your goal than ever before.

Gill Daniel

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