Health and Safety Tips While Working from Home and the Need to Have Big Berkey Water Filter

The work from home set up is something you do for a lot of people. Others adjusted quickly, while some are still having a hard time. Regardless of how you feel about it, this setup seems to be the norm for the months ahead. You must stay safe and healthy while you’re working from home. Start by purchasing the big Berkey water filter. You need to drink clean water. It would help if you also had plenty of water throughout the day. Sure, your days are no longer as physically exhausting as they used to, but water is still essential.

There are also thousands of people getting sick. You can’t afford to be among them. These safety tips are worth following.

Have a regular schedule

Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you can’t have a schedule anymore. You can still maintain a schedule so you will know when to work and when to stop. There are also other tasks that you have to accomplish. You shouldn’t dedicate your entire day working. It also gives you a sense of purpose when you have a regular schedule. You might tend to overwork, and working on a schedule helps.

Take several breaks throughout the day

You need to have several breaks during the day. Even in an office, you don’t spend the entire eight hours sitting on your desk. You also take a walk or head out to breathe air. You deserve a break, especially if you already spent hours working. It helps you recharge and focus on the tasks ahead.

Use radiation protection

Since you have to use your computer or phone all the time, you need to have radiation protection. There are plenty of devices that you can consider to stay safe against the harsh effects of radiation. Sure, you’re only getting it in small doses, but it still matters. Without protection, your eyes will be damaged. Worse, there could be adverse effects on your brain too.

Buy an air purifier 

You can’t rely on the quality of air at home. If you stay in the same area all the time, it could adversely impact the type of air you breathe. Therefore, an air purifier will help you stay safe. Besides, if you reside in a populous metro, the air quality is already bad, to begin with. Having an air purifier at home is more than just a necessity.

Set up your work station to support proper posture

The most significant problem people have about working from home is that they end up working hours on their desks. It affects posture. Some people even develop spine issues because of the nature of the workplace. Therefore, you should set up the work area in a way that supports your back. Purchase an ergonomic chair. Make sure it’s adjustable so you can find the right height for your body. It’s important to have your arms on the same level as the table. It prevents you from leaning forward or looking up. Both of them could be harmful to your back. Make the entire workplace conducive for a relaxing atmosphere and prevent you from feeling stressed out.

Don’t sleep late

It’s easy for you to think about sleeping late because you don’t have to wake up early the next day. Unless you have an early meeting, there’s no reason to wake up early. Before you get tempted to sleep late, you have to manage your schedule well. After work, you can give yourself time to play or do whatever makes you happy. However, you should have a time limit. Otherwise, you will go beyond your schedule. Constantly going to bed late is bad for your health.

Avoid working beyond office hours

Your company only pays you for the number of hours you work. There’s no reason to go beyond that number. You might be hardworking, but it hurts you to work overtime. Your body will reach its limit and probably give up. At a time when everyone is getting sick, you can’t afford also to get sick.

Communicate with fellow employees

Apart from your physical health, mental health is also something you have to put a spotlight on. You might seem okay, but you’re probably not. Being isolated for a long time doesn’t help, either. Make sure that you spend time talking to other people, including your fellow employees. You might hate some of them and not realize that you need to have a conversation with them. You only realize it now that you don’t have the same chance to speak anymore. Having a conversation with people helps you get through this tough time. Besides, you’re not the only one with this problem. Your fellow employees might also have a difficult time, and they need you to talk to them.

Select the right food to order and cook if you can

Another issue with working from home is that you no longer care about what goes into your mouth. Make sure you plan what to eat. If you order food from a delivery app, you should choose the kind of food to eat. Make sure it contains the necessary ingredients to stay healthy. You can’t go heavy on junk foods and unhealthy meals. You might not feel the effects now, but you will regret it later.

Always exercise

Before this pandemic, you complained about not having time to exercise. Now that you’re only at home, you have plenty of time to exercise. There’s no more excuse. Make sure you spend enough time exercising by following online tutorial videos. You can also ask your friends to do a workout with you by video calling them. It would be fun and exciting.

You should stay healthy despite your current work situation. You can’t allow these changes to prevent you from living healthily. The setup will soon change, and we will go back to our regular work schedule. If it happens, most of these health tips should stay alive and become a habit.

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