HGV Drivers shortage in the UK

 HGV Drivers shortage in the UK

Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) drivers are the people who transport different goods between different locations. These people drive goods for suppliers and customers. These goods can be transported locally, nationally, or even internationally. They work according to a schedule, and as lorry drivers, they spend most of their time on the roads. HGV driving jobs keep the HGV drivers away from their families for hours and sometimes for days.

The UK is facing a critical shortage of HGV drivers

The driver shortage is increasing the crisis level in the UK as the demand for the job is increasing after the recovery from Covid-19. The crisis is leaving a large number of supermarkets and various companies out of stock. Many supermarkets are left with empty shelves, and it is estimated that this will continue for few more months.

The shifting to online mode and the increasing prevalence of online shopping because of the Covid Pandemic is the main reason for the shortage of drivers. Many workers have lost their jobs during covid, Brexit, and other factors that made them return to their home country, and it is also estimated that only a few of them came back. Even if we talk about pre covid times, the shortage was still there of approximately 60,000 drivers. Covid made the situation worse. During Covid, travelling was restricted, and huge components of the economy were closed. This shortfall of drivers is estimated at 100,000 drivers, according to Road Haulage Association. Also, the current workforce is ageing. This ageing workforce consists of 380,000 people who are estimated to retire sooner, probably within five years. This is creating issues in the supply chain of the UK. The issue of skill shortage within the HGV drivers markets is also becoming problematic as training and development take a lot of time and money.

The industry that is facing the most drastic threat is the food industry and the drink industry. This industry has asked the country ministers to work on a scheme that can allow the hiring of foreign workers. These workers must include HGV drivers so that they can solve the disturbance in the supply chain. The primary reason behind this is the rules of the UK that are restricting the entry of HGV drivers from the EU (European Union).

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