Holiday Gifts Your Cant Turn Your Eyes Out

 Holiday Gifts Your Cant Turn Your Eyes Out

The best way to turn the holiday season into a stressful consumerist one is to focus on the moments, experiences and things that really matter to you and your loved ones.

Do you feel the need to give phone calls to all your relatives on New Year day, but to read a book while you enjoy baking? Perfect! Do you prefer to go on a vacation instead of general cleaning on the last hundred meters? Empathize. Do you want to make less gifts, but which ones really are useful and soulful? It is the best choice.

How to choose New Yeargifts

Depending on taste

This criterion implies empathy and a spirit of observation. If you are accustomed to wearing discreet jewelry, but someone else likes flattering brushes, then the gift will have to mold that person, not your tastes. If you like sassy ties, but your colleague is wearing super hero ties, then the choice should not resemble something you normally wear.

Starting from the specific tastes of a person you can find something suitable for it. This criterion is best suited to people with the most special preferences, who come out of the joint, which you can easily observe and find on the market.

Depending on age

Without wanting to, and if we do not think about this topic, age plays an important role in the back of our minds. When we see a stranger we immediately place him in an age category, and when we look for gifts we will automatically take this into account.

Probably we will not give away an experience with bungee jumping to a child too young or to a person with health problems or who is too old. If you have access to a team of heterogeneous ages, when gifts are given choice or as general as the general store vouchers, or classy vanilla gift card balance, On which employees can spend as they wish, regardless of demographic they are found.

Depending on your preferences

Although it would not be ideal to ask someone what they want, in a world that has become so full of options and variety, this often saves us. But if we try to make a surprise or not to hurt one’s feelings, making him feel insufficient to observe, then we can pay attention to the needs, preferences and desires of each one, including calling and plotting with loved ones, to find out more information. .

Some people prefer gadgets, others decorative items for the home. Some people just want experiences, and others want vouchers in stores. Some people can make you happy with tickets to festivals or concerts, while others wish for New Year something specific for the holidays, which is not necessarily financially consistent.

Clinging to these preferences shows consideration and respect, because we make a suitable gift for that person, and not just make a gesture to tick off a social requirement.

Depending on the gender

Many gifts can be better suited to one gender or another, without being sexist or inappropriate, but simply because, statistically, they are preferred by women or men. For example, vouchers at spa salons are very suitable for women, although lately they have begun to be appreciated by men. Similarly, a day spent at airsoft games may seem appropriate for men, but it may also be something a woman wants.

Someone’s gender can help us narrow down the possible area of ​​appropriate gifts, or at least half the possibilities, without reaching generic gifts for women or men.

Depending on the relationship

Probably the most important criterion, the relationship you have with that person is the most relevant in choosing a gift. If someone is too close to you, they cannot receive a simple candle (or can receive a more special candle), and if someone is just a acquaintance of you, they probably will not receive a gift of several hundred lei. If you want to give gifts to your employees, then decency, usefulness and a mix between personalized and generic gifts must be respected.

Clare Louise

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