Homeware Care Tips

 Homeware Care Tips

Homewares are made to last years without needing a change. Many of them can last decades while in good condition. You must take good care of them. This post will give tips for taking care of your homeware.

Floor Coverings

The floor coverings are integral to the overall welfare of a home. However, they are typically expensive to replace, so it is better to maintain the ones you have correctly. Since rugs are the most common floor coverings, read for tips on caring for your rug.


Vacuum your floor regularly to reduce piles. You should do this at least once a week, if not twice. You can use a vacuum cleaner but don’t use one with a beater brush, teeth or combs. These features can cause your rug to lose yarn and age more quickly.


Rug rotation is a practice that will facilitate uniform wear on your rug. If you step on some parts of the rug more than others, switch the sides after a while to prevent the former side from wearing out earlier than the latter. Rotating your rug will also protect the timber underneath from uniform wear.

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Avoid Moisture

Finally, you should avoid moisture at any cost. Moisture, mould and mildew cause your rug to become damaged. One tip to avoiding moisture is occasionally putting your carpet out in the sunlight. That way, the sun can kill the germs in the rug before you take it back in.

Wall Decors

Your wall decors need proper care to remain in good shape. As the paintings, pictures, and mirrors contribute mainly to the overall outlook of a room, you should not neglect taking care of them. This is how you can take good care of each.

Wall Art

Wall art must be lifted carefully to prevent damage to the frames. Careless handling of the frames will loosen them, resulting in your artwork falling. On the other hand, you can hire an installer to help you with it.


Mirrors are similar to art pieces and must be handled with care. Hang your mirrors carefully and ensure the hook is secure. Cleaning should be done with total concentration using mild soap and water. Ensure you dry the mirrors thoroughly after cleaning to avoid water damage.


Wall clocks have less fuss than artworks and mirrors but must also be well maintained. Change the battery on time to avoid it spoiling the areas around it. You should also clean it without water to protect its electrical setup.

Dinnerware and Utensils

Dinnerware and related homewares should not be ignored while the large pieces are taken care of. You also need to follow proper maintenance routines for taking care of your dinnerware. Read some top tips here.

Stainless Steel

You can take care of your dinnerware made of stainless steel by handwashing in soapy water. Use a soft cloth while washing to avoid scratching the body. Finally, dry it thoroughly after cleaning.


Glassware needs extra care than most dinnerware, but it is nothing difficult to handle. Handwash your glassware with soapy water and a soft cloth to minimise wear. Keep the utensils aware of moisture when not in use, as this can tarnish their engravings.


Maintaining a house is a tedious task but one you will enjoy once you find a rhythm that works for you. You can choose a day or two to clean everything or assign specific days to each homeware category. If you do not have the time to do the task yourself, hire someone so you can keep your valuable homewares for a long time.

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