In this article you will discover the best hot games, to be experimented in the bedroom and online to make your partner or lover go crazy with pleasure.

Many of you asked which were the best hard games of the moment, and we replied by presenting you with the best erotic games of 2021.

The list we have compiled is made of 12 HOT games that you can comfortably play at home.

Will we be able to ignite the erotic fantasies of men and the erotic fantasies of women? We will find out very soon by showing you the explosive content of 12 erotic games to play in bed.

Enjoy your reading and have fun.

1. Explosive Orgasm

The explosive orgasm is an exciting motto bed game that consists of maintaining 1-week sexual abstinence, avoiding the masturbation of both.

At this juncture of time, the couple will have to feed on aphrodisiac foods rich in Omega 3, iodine, phosphorus, and zinc that can be taken with ‘natural’ foods such as bluefish, oysters, sunflower seeds, mushrooms, truffles, garlic, and many others foods that are good for lovemaking.

The man will thus be able to feed himself adequately and increase the quality and quantity of spermatozoa and will be able to use natural supplements to have an even more intense experience.

Upon reaching 6 days of complete sexual abstinence, the couple can meet to give life to an overwhelming passion for all the senses that will inevitably cause the explosive pits orgasm of all time.

2. Ice Cubes

Erotic ice cube play consists of having an ice cube and enjoying it as it melts on your partner’s body.

It is a hot game at no cost, clean and sensual, especially if used in some erogenous points of the body.

3. Mirror Below

This erotic game consists of being able to see the sexual act of the two from a different perspective than usual, “from the bottom up”:

By inserting a mirror underneath, it is possible to enjoy a Red Light show never seen before, with a very interesting and exciting view.

4. Sex Objects 

Using sex toys it is possible to find unexplored erogenous zones and experience new sexual emotions. This is where Hard Games with Sex Objects begin that can be easily purchased on

Here the fun consists of experimenting with new sex objects and using them periodically in sexual intercourse to increase the couple’s feeling. Suitable for those looking for real Dirty Games.

5. Remote Control

The Remote Control it’s a vibrator with remote control.

Just give the remote control to your man and go out for an aperitif so you can feel the rest of an orgasm while you are out and about enjoying a drink in public.

6. The multiple orgasm game 

It is possible to achieve multiple orgasms in pairs with a simple and easily applicable erotic game. To experience this sensual pleasure it will be sufficient to continue sexual intercourse after orgasm by stimulating areas that are not hypersensitive.

The aim is to maintain an adequate sexual level suitable for the second round.

7. Porn Games

Everyone will have seen a porn video even out of simple curiosity.

In this case, we suggest playing with porn movies and videos spending a pleasant Hot evening that ignites the desire to lovemaking in a quite hard atmosphere.

8. Sexy dice

If you are looking for unusual foreplay you can try the game of Sexy Dice, a couple of diversions that will allow you to experiment with new positions and foreplay.

This erotic game is suitable for all budgets and can be easily purchased online in any sex shop.

9. Sexy Twister

With Twister the physical contact is unavoidable; you get tangled up to reach unusual positions and often exciting mottoes.

At the beginning of the game, the positions to be assumed are simple motto, but if you go forward and the positions become complicated until you lose your balance.

The loser will have to carry out the will of the partner such as taking off a garment, making twister an intriguing erotic game for couples that can be purchased in any online sex shop.

10. Strip Poker

Streep poker is part of the hotbed games, with a simple motto, you play poker, and the loser gets naked. All you need is a deck of poker cards and some good erotic fantasy.

11. Sweet Thong

With the Lovers CANDY g-string underwear, you can enjoy a thong made of candy. Your she or your he will experience the exciting pleasure of being undressed while the candies melt on the touch of the tongue.

The candy thong can be purchased in 2 versions: Thong for Men or Thong for Women.

12. Threesomes

With the introduction of a third person, it is possible to have threesome sex, offering your partner the pleasure of double penetration and double taste.

This hot game requires a certain open-mindedness and it is possible to do it using social platforms for adults dedicated to high couple exchange. 

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