How An Attorney Can Help With Car Accident Claim

 How An Attorney Can Help With Car Accident Claim

You were driving well, paying attention to all the right traffic signs, and somehow, things just went wrong. Perhaps you lost control of your car. Or, maybe someone hit your car in the middle of an intersection. Whatever the reason, you had an accident, someone might have been injured, and you filed a claim with your insurance company.

Most people assume that the insurance company would take care of everything for you and that they will do what’s in the best interest of the claimant. Unfortunately, things don’t always work out that way. Getting a car accident injury attorney can help you get the compensation you deserve, as well as avoid penalties you don’t deserve.

What Does A Car Accident Attorney Help You Do?

If you were in a car accident that resulted in an injury, getting an accident injury attorney is a must. Attorneys who specialize in personal injury can help you with the following major issues:

  • Medical Bills. Is your insurance company refusing to pay for medical bills caused by the accident? Hiring a car accident injury lawyer will give you a way to sue your insurance company and get the medical compensation you (or the injured party) needs.
  • Determining Fault. Car insurance fraud happens, and it’s possible that your accident was sparked by an individual’s attempt to cash in on a lawsuit. If you feel this may be the case, hiring a car accident lawyer is your best line of defense.
  • Getting Additional Compensation. A serious car accident injury can disrupt your ability to perform your job and keep a roof over your head. If you were severely injured, you have the right to pursue additional compensation for lost wages from the person who caused the accident.
  • Investigating Contributing Factors. Every accident is different. Your accident could have been influenced by a wide range of other factors, including mechanical failure and weather. Part of a car crash injury lawyer’s job is investigating if outside factors could have caused the accident. If they did, they can use that to improve their client’s case or help defend them.
  • Determining Proper Payout. Car insurance companies don’t want to pay more than they need to. It’s bad for business. To keep their profits high, car insurance companies often will offer payouts that are far lower than what really should be doled out. Auto accident injury lawyers can help you determine if you should get more money than you were initially offered.

Obviously, most of these tasks are not things that a typical person can do on their own. They require knowledge, experience, and access to documents that are not within reach without proper credentials and procedures. That alone makes having a lawyer a must if you want to fight in court.

Understanding Your Auto Accident Attorney’s Role In A Claim

Car insurance companies have dozens of attorneys that are dedicated to protecting their interest: paying clients less than what they deserve. If you want to get the most money or protect your interests after a crash, you need to have a lawyer on your side to fight for you.

With every case, an auto accident injury attorney’s job is generally parsed out into several phases:

  1. Understanding the need for a lawsuit. Before the attorney can determine the next steps or the nature of the case, he’ll need to know why you want to sue your insurer. Is it because your insurer isn’t paying, or because they are blaming the wrong person? These things matter.
  2. Investigating the accident and compiling evidence. Once your attorney understands the nature of the suit, they can start working on your case. This can include gathering medical bills, interviewing witnesses, getting evidence from doctors, as well as understanding all the contributing factors to the crash. If necessary, they will work with reconstruction specialists to determine what needs to be done.
  3. Putting together a list of all responsible parties. Sometimes, insurance companies don’t take into consideration all the different parties involved. Auto accident injury lawyers will make a point of reaching out to every potential party involved to ensure that those who are liable to pay you will do what’s required of them.
  4. Estimating future financial costs related to the accident. Could you need prolonged care? Did you lose your job or find yourself at risk of losing your home? A lawyer will be able to estimate these costs and pursue them on your behalf.
  5. Putting together a claim appeal. If you need a claim appeal, your lawyer will use the evidence he received and his knowledge of the law to argue an appeal on your behalf. If the case involves a lawsuit, the lawyer will work on a legal argument or defense.
  6. Negotiating with claims adjusters, debt collectors, and insurance companies. Having someone to argue for your rights makes all the difference when it comes to getting proper debt relief and the time you need to put your life together.

Can Car Accident Attorneys Advise You When The Accident First Occurs?

Absolutely! At our office, we are ready to take your calls as soon as you have a car accident. By having a lawyer on your side as soon as possible, you ensure that your rights will be properly protected. If you recently had a car accident, give our office a call and let us help you stay afloat while you recover from your injury.

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