How can Solar Leads Turn Into Sales

 How can Solar Leads Turn Into Sales

Despite the surge in the growth of the solar panel market alongside the rise in the demand for solar panels, installation companies still struggle with procuring residential solar leads. Closing a sale for solar panels based on various leads does not differ from a normal sale except for the buying process. It is important to be able to convert leads into recurring customers. There are several ways in which you can generate solar installation leads and solar power leads such as the following:

1. Contact Prospect Customers

Many companies wait for several weeks before sending an estimate to their prospective customers. Some might believe that their clients would contact them. This is a costly mistake that no company can afford to make. With competition growing by and by, every qualified prospect that is received through your sales pipeline should be immediately contacted.

Before contacting potential clients, it is important to analyze their entire file and prepare possible solutions that might interest them. This enables you to come up with estimates related to their basic needs. Soon after making the estimates, be sure to get in touch with the client to offer your pitch. As soon as this is done, send the client an estimate of what best suits their needs mentioning an appointment date as well.

2. Establish A Lead Scoring Program

A scoring program allows you to rank your list of prospects, helping you identify your highest leads by attributing a specific value to each lead. This lets you prioritize your solar power leads with effective usage of your time as you will have a clear idea of which ones are likely to result in a sale. Several companies that do not have a scoring program end up spending too much time on unqualified prospects. Establish a point system that lets you determine whether a contact is worthwhile and whether it’s okay to remove them from the list. This allows sellers to increase their productivity resulting in better sales.

3. Understand the Needs of The Homeowner

One of the most important factors in marketing and sales is to understand all the problems the customer faces. To some, it could be that they want the cost of their electricity bills to come down and to others, it might be that they want to become 100% self-sufficient. The offer that you would make differs in both cases.

Knowing what the client wants lets you provide only those options that are useful to your client. Offering the most expensive solution could cost you the sale entirely causing you to even lose the client in some cases. Allow the customer to speak and ensure that you listen to what he has to say. Communication has to be two ways- not just the salesman talking right through the meeting. The customer often comes to you with a problem that he/she is looking to solve. Understand the problem and offer a solution that addresses the problem directly.

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