How Digital Factory Has Changed Business?

 How Digital Factory Has Changed Business?

The industrial world has been experiencing the digital transformation. The digitalization of the industry has brought several marked changes and is completely reshaping the business. The digital factory includes the Industry 4.0 technologies like the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics and Augmented Reality (AR). Now, most of the businesses are taking the help of digital technologies to facilitate the high performance of their businesses. Digital technology has got the potential to transform the way businesses are being operated. 

The digital technology has changed the face of the business by improving the production, reducing the cost, cutting down the time consumption, increasing the impact of marketing, also fosters enhancement in environmental sustainability and safety.

The goal of a digital factory is to bring about a customer-centric approach to the delivery. The customer experience is what the whole business depends on. The business must focus on the customer experience rather than focusing only on product development. Consider the example of Adidas Speedfactory. The Adidas Speedfactory, with the use of digital technology, designs the shoes digitally and tests them for fitness and performance digitally. 

The company overcame the problems that they previously had with the physical manufacturing process. The company uses highly automated technologies like Industrial 3D printers. Most of the manufacturing processes at the Adidas Speedfactory are taken care of by the 3D printers. With this personalization of the customer needs, quick delivery of the products is achieved improving the success rate of the business. This is how digital technology has changed the business of Adidas Speedfactory. 

The same is the case with many other businesses like pharmaceutical companies, oil and gas industries, steel factories, Research and Development (R&D), Food Industry, automobile industry, Software Industry, and manufacturing industries. With digital technology, the goals of automation, optimization, cost-effective, efficiency and quality achieved without any compromise. Undoubtedly, the digital factory is the pioneer of every industry.

The digital factory has reshaped and is reshaping every field of science and technology. Another example of this is the healthcare. Today, digital technology is said to have a lot of significance in the field of medicine and healthcare. The aim is to deliver personalized medicine and treatment approaches and to make medical services more accessible for the patients. The major changes that digital technologies have brought in the field of medicine are:

  • Robot-assisted surgeries.
  • 3D Bio-printing.
  • Telemedicine.
  • Wearable devices. 
  • Artificial Intelligence.
  • Blockchain.

The digital factory has left its footprint in almost every field of business. The trend of usage of digital technologies for the growth of the business is increasing constantly and will continue to do so. Also, the big trends like 3Dprinting, AR and VR, AI, Big Data Analytics are experiencing great improvement and they will be the future for most of the businesses.


Teresa Martinez

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