How do I find trucking work?

 How do I find trucking work?

If you are a trucker, then getting well-paid loads aren’t just the objective for you, it is the complete objective of being in the business. However, whether you just own one truck or a fleet, you need to know the ways to find more truck loads for you to make your company grow. Here are some of the most specific ways of what kind of contract you should make and the sources to find trucking work. With the right business plan, equipment and legit documents, you can find loads for your trucking business.

Where should you begin from?

If you are looking for dedicated contracts, then it will require some time and devotion to acquire them. Make sure you don’t put all your eggs in one basket, just after getting your CDL, rather you should concentrate on the contract you can acquire in the present time and work well at them. With more and more loads of this type, you can build good networking and work relationship with shippers. It will bring you in a better position to get dedicated contracts from business owners.

Start by concentrating on getting regular cash flow. In order to get consistent orders, you can also opt for factoring service which will help you get around the payment terms of a lot of shippers. In order to get contracts for singular loads as an owner operator, you can begin with load boards as well as courier dispatchers. They will help you in finding the right load at the right price and ensure that you get consistent work to continue in the business successfully. Do not neglect this as it may close the doors of a lot of carriers for you.

Load boards

In order to book loads on load board platform, such as DAT and Shiply, you can bit. Load boards give you access to broker and shippers who are looking for carriers to get their loads hauled. It will help you create a big network of clients, shippers and brokers.

Load boards can be of different types. Before you commit to a load board, make sure you know about their services. If you want to deliver to a preferred route or region, then you can go for it. You can also go for free trials to find out how they can help. However, Shiply is a free platform for truckers and shippers. You don’t have to pay any registration fee here. Just sign up and start looking for truck loads.


Using a dispatcher is also an option and helps you find good loads which you don’t want to miss out. Dispatchers save you from the effort by working on load boards for you. Just provide them the details of your business and load expectations and they will find the best paid load for you as per your preferred lane and region.

These are the two major ways to find truck loads for you. Use them for to get most of your work and start earning now.

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