How Expensive are Business Security Systems?

Today’s innovative business security systems can give owners and management all the tools they need to prevent tragedies such as burglary, fires, and other situations with a monitored system. How much this security might cost you can be broken down into the pricing for hardware, installation, and monitoring.

Business Security Systems Hardware

The hardware is the nuts and bolts of any security system, and what is included is up to the owner to decide according to their needs. Typically, business security systems include video camera and CCTV systems that can run up to $600 per camera plus monitor costs.

Access control hardware like keypads, access cards and door locks can run between $800-$1200 per protected zone. Alarm monitoring hardware includes essentials like alarm panels, motion detectors, environmental sensors, etc. Expect to pay $300-$600 for each device.

Installation & Activation Fees

Getting a small business wired up with two or three cameras and basic equipment averages around $500. However, a large organization with dozens or hundreds of employees will likely need substantially more security, particularly if they work with sensitive data.

The cost of installation will increase along with the facilities size and needs. Activation costs may be waived for monitoring contract customers.

Professional Monitoring for Business Security Systems

Small business will likely pay around $50 per month for professional monitoring, while bigger companies with expanded security features may pay up to $150 on average.

The more sensors cameras and fire equipment being monitored, the higher the costs. Another factor is whether facilities will be monitored by landline or through cellular monitoring, with the later being the most secure and more expensive.

In closing, the most essential aspect of choosing the best business security systems is choosing a reliable equipment provider that offers reputable professional commercial security monitoring services.

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