How Float Therapy Can Help You Relax and De-Stress

Do you ever feel like no matter how hard you try, the stress and tension of life keep weighing on your shoulders? We all have those days when we wish we could just float away in a tranquil lake or calm sea. Well, the good news is that float therapy can help make this dream imaginable!

Float therapy is when a person floats (or “floats”) in a warm saltwater pool or tank filled with Epsom salt. This makes the person feel like they don’t have any weight on their body.This kind of therapy has many mental and physical benefits that can help lower stress and improve overall health.Continue reading to learn more about floating and why it has been shown to be effective in helping people relax and de-stress!

What is Float Therapy and How Does It Work?

Float therapy is increasingly becoming a popular way to reduce stress, anxiety, and pain. It involves lying in an isolated tank for extended periods of time, full of approximately a foot of saturated water and Epsom salts, allowing one to effortlessly float on the surface and creating a rich environment for relaxation and release from outside stimuli.

Without noise, gravity, or light to bother you, it’s easy to drift off into a state of near-deep meditation where you can relax, relieve stress, and boost your creativity.

Benefits of Float Therapy

Float therapy is quickly gaining recognition as an alternative massage therapy. Taking place in a massage parlor or receiving massage therapy located in Orem, Utah, can be combined with the effects of floating in an Epsom salt solution. Not only is there a deep physical and mental state of comfort and relaxation, but studies have also shown that this type of massage therapy technique can benefit those suffering from anxiety, insomnia, migraines, and depression.

The greater density of Epsom salt allows your body to feel light while gently suspended and immersed, relieving aches, pains, stress levels, and overall inflammation while achieving a true feeling of pure bliss—all combined to ensure an entirely immersive experience unlike any other massage therapy modality. With massage centers in Lehi offering float massage treatments, potential seekers are able to explore the boundless opportunities of mind-body healing on their own journey towards wellness.

Who Can Benefit From Float Therapy?

People of all ages, genders, and backgrounds can enjoy the many advantages of flotation therapy. People with mental health problems or chronic pain can especially benefit from the healing effects of float therapy, as it is one of the best ways to relax and reduce stress.

Athletes are also able to reap the rewards of float therapy because of its potential to aid muscle recovery, alleviate arthritis pain, and improve performance during training. Ultimately, this unique form of treatment demonstrates that relief is possible no matter what the issue is, offering an ethereal escape from physical and psychological ailments in an effortless hour-long meditation.

Preparing for Your First Float Session

When attempting your first float experience, you should take some time to prepare. The environment of the float spa is meant to induce a feeling of complete relaxation, so producing a stress-free space requires intentional preparation. In an effort to maximize the benefits of floating, it is important to let go of all worrying thoughts and commit to releasing tension in your body.

To do this, aim to arrive for your session 20 minutes prior to the start time. During this time, feel free to enjoy yourself with music or reading material that helps you feel calm and comfortable.

Doing so will help you enter the tank in a more relaxed state, allowing time for the deeper peace that comes from within during the float.

Creating the optimal float experience

Creating the optimal float experience starts with creating a calm and comfortable environment for the user. Float tanks should be soundproof, well-insulated, and built to provide maximum privacy. A large, temperature-controlled water chamber should be used for floating. The water must be kept at skin temperature in order to allow the body to feel weightless.

Epsom salt is mixed into the water, as it is known for its relaxing properties and helps buoyancy. Extra features like aromatherapy, controllable lighting, and carefully made music or natural sounds can make the experience even more peaceful.

Together, these elements create a space of complete serenity that allows floaters to reach a deep relaxation state that experts say leads to improved mental health, clarity of thought, and elevated moods.

Post-Float Tips for Maximum Relaxation and Stress Relief

Floating may leave you calm and peaceful. Floating reduces stress and improves sleep, mood, and focus. After your float, take a warm shower, avoid loud noises, and exercise to prolong the effects.

After floating, obtain 6–8 hours of sleep to maximize the stress-relieving effects.

If you drink a lot of water throughout the day, you’ll get rid of toxins and replace electrolytes, which will make you feel great after the workout.

To get the most out of float treatment, you must prepare and comprehend the procedure. After your session, you can get the full benefits of removing gravity, like less muscle tension, better blood flow, and relaxation.

Drink plenty of water and eat snacks before leaving the float tank to replenish minerals and nutrients. To maximize float advantages, post-float maintenance is crucial. Float therapy may be your ticket to physical and mental calm.

Teresa Martinez

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