How to Become a Pro PC Gamer

 How to Become a Pro PC Gamer

If your passion in life lies in video gaming, you might be considering a career in the professional gaming industry, especially if you are particularly good at a certain game or genre. Despite this being a very competitive industry to break into, there are some top tips that we can give you about how to break into the world of PC gaming.

Make Sure You Have the Right Kit

First things first, to become a pro gamer you’re going to need the right equipment. The most important feature of your gaming set up is going to be your PC – modern games are highly complex, and to play at your best you’ll need a specialist gaming PC that is packed with a high-powered processor, super-fast refresh rate and a top quality graphics card. When it comes to choosing the right one, Lenovo’s offering of gaming PCs are the best of the best – as a pro gamer, you’ll need to make sure that your performance isn’t held back by an unreliable PC, so Lenovo is a great choice. You’ll also need to consider the other features of your gaming set up, so ensure you have good quality monitors and a keyboard and headset, as well as a suitable chair that can support you through those long sessions.

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Once you’ve made sure you have the right gear, you’ll need to master your craft. The easiest way to do this is to practice as much as possible, and work on understanding the technical side of the games that you’re playing. Research shows that gamers who play the most matches per week develop the largest increase in skill over time. Most professional gamers have a specific game that they compete in, and improve their abilities by playing other games on the side – this is a great approach to take, as it means you can keep increasing your reflexes and reaction time, without getting bored.

Reach Out to the Community

Now that you’re confident in your ability and ready to start going for that dream career as a professional gamer, it’s time to reach out to others in the gaming world for advice and networking opportunities. Forums like Discord, which are dedicated to gaming, offer a great chance to chat with likeminded people for insights about this competitive industry. Increasing your personal visibility in a game’s scene can be a huge career driver, as often developers and other individuals who have worked on a specific game will congregate in these areas, making you more likely to bump into someone who holds the key to your big break. Gaming forums can also help to motivate you, or give you some advice if you’re still deciding what game you want to go pro in.

Although the world of PC gaming can seem like a daunting one to break into, especially if you’re hoping to make a new career move, there are things that you can do to help you along. By making sure you have the right gear, practicing regularly to master your talents, and reaching out to others in the gaming community, you’ll be on a professional team in no time!

Teresa Martinez

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