How to buy ketamine online 

 How to buy ketamine online 


The government prohibits the use and sale of chemical products believed to cause addiction. That enables the government to protect its citizens from addictive chemicals. However, if you need the chemical for research, it is vital to find a suitable supplier. That is difficult considering the challenges buyers and sellers of illicit drugs face. Thus, learn the best way to purchase ketamine online.


Researchers and patients must have special permits to buy banned substances in most countries. The permit prevents other people from buying illicit products. Without a prescription, many pharmacies will not sell the chemicals. Luckily, you can buy ketamine online from sellers who do not ask for prescriptions or permits. That is a relief for people in need of the drug.

Guaranteed safety 

By associating yourself with online black-market, the authorities can jail you. That is because this market encourages the buying and selling of illegal products. Hence, ensure you are well-protected from the police in every transaction. Look for an illicit drug supplier that protects the anonymity of their customers even after getting caught. Such loyalty to clients is rare in this business but worthwhile.

Sensible prices 

The cost of illicit products in the online black market differs. Every seller and pharmacy have the liberty of imposing any price on their products. Always search for a means of buying the drugs at a lower price. However, be very careful because most luring deals are a trap. It is better to buy crystal meth online at a costly price but from a reliable source.

Experienced supplier 

Successfully selling illicit drugs requires expert knowledge and skills. Online black-market traders must understand the strategies cops use when trying to nail down illegal drug traders. That will give them an added advantage. Only experienced drug suppliers can guarantee safe transactions and delivery of illegal chemicals. Some experienced sellers have built relationships with cops over the years.

Bitcoin transaction

The online black market encourages the use of bitcoins. Bitcoins are an online currency, which is not owned by any company or state. Thus, every transaction made via bitcoin is hidden. That denies the police access to it. Never buy ketamine online from a pharmacy that does not receive bitcoin payments. Such pharmacies are traps for capturing naïve illicit drug buyers.

Return policy 

The online market has numerous fraudsters whose intent is duping unsuspecting buyers. Many people have bought illegal substances online but never received their package. Unfortunately, you cannot report such a case to the police.  You will be jailed. To be assured of safe delivery, look for a supplier with a guaranteed return policy. Such suppliers can compensate you if the package fails to arrive.

Undercover cops 

The conflict between illicit drug sellers with cops continues. Buyers are entangled in this conflict too. The online black market is flooded with cops too. The police are hopeful they can catch someone trying to buy crystal meth online. Some cops pose as buyers while others as sellers. Carry out detailed research on crystal meth sellers before transacting with them. Avoid suspicious suppliers. 


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