How to Choose a Copy Trader

 How to Choose a Copy Trader


Given just how popular trading has become in the past few years, suffice it to say that everyone really wants to throw their hat in the ring. However, the truth of the matter is that trading is not easy, and it can take months or years for you to become good enough to properly star benefitting from it. Regardless, the barrier to entry has been reduced significantly, since copy trading allows people to make better trades.But copy trading is only as good as the trader, and you want to be able to pick the right one for the job. 

Factors to Consider for a Copy Trader 

Copy Trading Critic can make a valid point about how this entire system specifically depends on the trader. If the trader is not good or reliable, then the people relying on them will struggle as well. Therefore, it is worth looking into how you can choose the right copy trader and what factors different a good trader from a great one. Some of these factors include:

Types of Assets They Invest In

Seeing how that the most interacting that you will be having with your preferred copy trader is of them choosing the right trading assets, you want to see that they know the right assets to choose. You want to make sure that they can not only choose good assets that could possibly make you a big profit, but they should also choose assets that fit your specific trading style. Do you want to make short term profits or hold on to assets for long term growth.

You should also check if they are investing in the assets that you would like to invest in, since you might have your reservations about investing in more niche markets. 

Previous Trading Performance 

Possibly the most important thing that you want to check in copy trading brokers is their previous performance. More specifically, you want to see just how well they have been able to grow their portfolio and what is their track record in terms of success. 

Granted, no trader can tell exactly when the market is going to turn up or down, but them having consistently bad choices in assets is not a good sign. You should also check their consistency, since you do not want prolonged periods of losses. 

Average Duration for a Trade

Another important thing that you want to be checking for your perfect copy trader is the average duration of their trades. What this means is that you want to see how often they update their trade portfolio and make trades. So if you want to trade on a daily basis, you want to look for a day trader who will regularly update their portfolio. On the other hand, if you don’t mind waiting days or weeks, then you can choose someone accordingly. 

Likelihood to Take Risks 

Finally, you want to see what they are like when it comes to taking risks. Do they have a trusted set of asset types that they invest in, or do they like to experiment with different types of trading essentials. Therefore, you will need to see which way they swing in terms of taking risks, especially if you are trying to grow your portfolio and diversify your risk. But if you want a safe bet, then this could be the right choice. 

You also want to check how often these types of trades will pay off, since you do not want to be stuck in a position where they are taking too many risks but none of them are paying off. 


Copy trading is one of the best ways that you can get into trading without having to commit as much time and effort into leaning about trading at first. Instead, you can rely on the intuition of an experienced trader and then learn more about the market as a whole. 

Clare Louise

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