How To Choose Balloons?

 How To Choose Balloons?

The balloons decorations always create a festive atmosphere and special mood. You can find original compositions of helium balloons of various textures and shapes in the Fastballons online store.

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The main selection criterion is the quality of the material

What to look at when buying balloons? At the quality of the material, of course! All commercially available balloons are subdivided into latex and mylar. Latex balloons are the cheapest.

They all vary in size, can be round or elongated and have a very diverse color palette. Latex helium balloons can be decorated with various thematic drawings and inscriptions.

Foil helium balloons are more complex in their texture. They have a layered structure, the top layer of which is foil. They have the most varied and bizarre shapes, and keep their shape longer. These balloons can be used more than once with careful handling. Also, they are more durable than latex balloons.

Foil balloons can be of different size. They always look great, attract children’s and adults’ attention. They can be decorated with attractive images and original inscriptions.

If you only want to decorate a one-day-holiday and spend it on a budget, it is better to choose latex simple helium balloons. If a grand celebration is planned for several days with a large budget, it is better to give preference to the original foil balloons.

Which one is fake?

When choosing latex balloons, pay attention to:

  • smell;
  • sound;
  • form;
  • plasticity.

If the balloons have an unpleasant rubbery smell, then you hold in your hands a cheap fake. Quality balloons are odorless. If the product rustles like paper, then it is also a fake. Quality latex balloons emit a slight ringing sound while inflating.

Buying balloons you should pay attention to their shape. Low-quality products look wrinkled. When you squeeze them in your hand for a while, they lose their shape and easily wrinkle like a sheet of paper.

The plasticity of the material is also an important criterion. If the balloons stretch too easily in the future they will not keep their shape well. Therefore, you should slightly stretch the balloon before inflating. If the product shows insufficient elasticity, it is better not to buy it.

The theme of the holiday influences the choice

The choice of balloons is also very important in terms of the theme of the festival. If you are planning a wedding, it is better to choose balloons in the shape of a heart or with the image of angels. Snow-white compositions with shining foil balloons look stunning.

If the celebration is dedicated to the birth of a child, then you should show your creative imagination. It is worth choosing multicolored balloons with original inscriptions and wishes for the newborn and his/her mother.

For a child’s birthday you can choose balloons depicting cartoon characters. Giant inflatable Mickey Mouse or Winnie the Pooh will look very attractive. And for older children bright balloons with jokes can be an interesting gift.

The mood of the guests at the holiday depends on the balloons selection. If the space is decorated with beautiful and high-quality balloons the mood of those present will rise. And even the original composition of flying balloons presented to the hero of the occasion will inspire.

Teresa Martinez

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