How to Clean Your Storage Unit like a Pro 

Whether you have a full size or a Mini storage unit, you’re eventually going to need to clean it. keeping your storage unit clean is like a favor you do for yourself. When you eventually go at to remove items from your storage unit it’s a lot easier if it’s clean. Here are the three best tips for keeping your storage unit clean.

Plan Before You Pack

Plan ahead before you pack. Planning is 100% of the battle when it comes to keeping your storage unit clean. This includes labeling, taking an inventory of what you store, making sure you use the proper storage materials.

Things like cardboard boxes can be great for mailing and moving, but for long-term storage you want to use plastic that will not rot. If you plan on taking things in and out of your storage unit on a regular basis, make sure you load those items in last to make sure that they are easy to access.

Spring Cleaning

It doesn’t have to be during springtime but setting aside one time of year to clean out your storage unit is a great way to stay ahead. Make sure to check your inventory, inspect all of your storage materials for damaged, and replace any boxes or packing materials that need to be either upgraded or replaced.

High Quality Mini Storage

The most important factor of having a clean storage unit is often the most overlooked. Having a high-quality storage unit is the best way to keep it clean.

Low quality storage units can leak, rust, and are susceptible to weather damage. A high-quality storage unit not only looks clean, but we’ll keep all of your possessions clean while they are in storage.

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