How to cleanse Amazonite

 How to cleanse Amazonite

Generally, energies are stuck and become immobile in our crystals. Then to tackle all powers from Amazonite, which is a powerful tool to utilize during meditation and help in our desires and dreams to manifest. There are three main methods of cleansing Amazonite to keep fresh and put out all energies from Amazonite.

The most powerful way to cleanse our Amazonite is by using the natural light of the sun and moon. For this purpose, Amazonite required sunlight of four hours to get clean and fresh. Amazonite can place in Windowsill from which it gets good sun. The best time is the early morning sun to save from the devastation of crystal.

Amazonite can be placed in any phase of the moon to get refreshed and clean. Just place the crystal in the spot of Windowsill that the Crystals will get moonlight for a few hours. Another significant way to clean Amazonite is sound energy from tuning forks, bells, drums, singing bowls, or even from own voice chanting or singing.

Firstly, open a window to put out energies of Amazonite not serving us and start the music. Then walk around and focus on choosing melody on every Amazonite or place all Amazonite in the room and play the melody in the centre of it to refresh and clean each piece of crystal. The music bath of Amazonite requires five to ten minutes to get clean. Bundle or sage or lose sage in a fire-safe bowl is a prominent way to cleanse our Amazonite. Collect all Amazonite and put it on a table. Burnt the sage for 30 seconds and release unwanted energy and smoke by opening the window. Sage will burn slow and release smoke. Hold Amazonite in smoke for 30 seconds or a long time for cleansing of heavy energies. While any of the methods is used for cleansing Amazonite, settings of intention are very important. To put out all energies, cleansing of Amazonite once a time is enough. By keeping charged and clean, Amazonite offers manifesting and healing benefits to us.

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