How to cleanse and charge sodalite?

 How to cleanse and charge sodalite?


A deep blue crystal, Sodalite is famous for pacifying and soothing connection to your throat as well as third eye chakra. The connection is known to radiate a number of energies which heal your body and soul. If you are looking forward to be more intuitive, or be more spiritual or enhance your self-confidence, then you just have to tap into the energies of sodalite to get it.

Sodalite clarifies your thinking, creativity, wisdom and inner beauty. By just looking at this beautiful stone’s core, you can unravel its dark blue color elegance with infinite freckles and light white lines. It wipes out all chaos and confusion from your life and transmits your spirit to a higher level. The crystal allows access to your inner energies and eradicates all spiritual barriers. It wipes out all feelings of doubts and distractions from your mind.

How to use sodalite?

Now that you are aware of the benefits of Sodalite crystals, you should know the right way to use them. A lot of people use sodalite because it helps to communication in a transparent, concise and confident manner. By placing the crystal in the right place or incorporating it in jewelry, you can raise your communication levels.

Using sodalite in a jewelry piece is the best way to establish connection with the energy of the stone. You can buy earrings, necklace or bracelet for it. You can also place it in your pocket or purse so that it has a never ending energy to balance your spirit.

Wearing sodalite in your necklace will keep it near your heart, offering energy to boost your intuition levels and offer access to your inner voice. You can also use it with your earrings to boost your intuition.

Keeping it on your office desk or purse will give you access to its healing properties as and when you need it. You can also use it during meditations by siting it close to your body.

How to cleanse and charge sodalite?

Sodalite is a very powerful crystal. Irrespective of this strong strength, it has no complicated procedure to cleanse it from the negative energies. Some of the ways to cleanse sodalite are given below:

Cleanse with sunlight

One of the best ways to cleanse sodalite is light. Just place it in the sun and it will balance the yin and yang energy.

Cleanse with moonlight

A lot of people use sodalite during the day, so you can cleanse it during the night via moonlight. It will bring the energy of the crystal in balance and give it amazing power.

Cleanse with energy

The amazing power of other crystals can help you in cleansing sodalite. Just place a big piece of quartz close to sodalite and it will cleanse quickly.

Final thoughts

Sodalite is a strong, beautiful and bold crystal with incredible energy hidden in its dark blue hues. It produces vibrational energies of bid power when used in the right manner. It has amazing beneficial attributes and is very versatile. You can use in different situations to bring clarity to your thoughts.




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