How to Create a Family-Friendly Home

 How to Create a Family-Friendly Home

Once you bring children into the world, the home that you and your partner once purchased as a couple may no longer work now that your family has grown. It’s no longer the case of being able to prioritize your desires and interests, but instead, the needs of your small children who will be growing up here in the years ahead.

You don’t necessarily have to make drastic compromises to your home when you have small children, but modest, manageable adjustments could improve the practicality and safety of the home for everyone.

Here are some top tips on creating a family-friendly home.

Go Open Plan

If you constantly worry about leaving your children alone in a room when you have daily errands to carry out, an open-plan layout could resolve the issue. Knocking down walls in between the living, kitchen, and dining spaces creates a free-flowing and larger space that allows you to be in the same room at all times, whether cooking, eating, or watching TV. Not only will you have the peace of mind that you can watch over your children, but also gives your home a more modern feel. What’s more, it creates a great social space if you enjoy entertaining, so no one will get left out.

Create a Wet Room

If it has been many years since your bathroom was updated, why not consider having a wet room installed? When you have a baby or toddler, wet rooms are a low-risk environment and less likely to cause accidents due to the lack of slippery floors and having to climb into high bathtubs and showers.

Having a wet room means that parents can easily wash their babies without having to get into the shower themselves. What’s more, the room is also easier to clean due to being an open space, as well as not having to worry about splashing as it is entirely waterproof. By browsing luxury bathrooms bedfordshire, you can design a bathroom that meets your exact needs.

Create a Kids-Friendly Room

Regardless of how much you enjoy spending time together as a family, there will be moments when you simply need some ‘me time’. By creating a kid’s zone in the spare room or garage, you can distance yourself from the mess and noise and allow your children to play to their heart’s content. Not only that, but kids enjoy the independence of having their own space to be creative, so it’s beneficial for parents and kids alike.

Safety Is Priority

The most important aspect of creating a family-friendly home is improving general safety. Now you have the responsibility of taking care of youngsters, you’ll need to be more vigilant about hazards in and around the home to prevent fatal accidents or incidents. Some key safety tips to be aware of include:

  • Installing smoke detectors
  • Keeping electrical cables and cords out of reach
  • Putting locks on kitchen cupboards
  • Blocking access to their stairs with a gate
  • Obstructing the fireplace to prevent burn injuries
  • Removing sharp-cornered furniture


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