How to deal with dog allergies

 How to deal with dog allergies

You might be wondering whether you can get a dog even if someone in your home is allergic. Alternatively, it’s possible that you’re worried it’s your dog that is suffering from an allergy. Well, this article is going to show you how to handle both types of issue.

Is Your Dog Suffering From Allergies?

If your dog is suffering from allergies, then there is a range of signs that will typically be present. For instance, they could have chronic diarrhea or they might simply have chronic gas. A dog with allergies could also be constantly licking their feet or have itchy ears. It’s also possible that they will have general levels of discomfort. 

It’s important to ask what your dog is allergic to and the answer is usually going to be food. If a dog does have an allergy the food in their bowl is the common culprit. So, the first step you should take is going to the vet. They will be able to provide advice on the food you are currently providing to your dog.

Not all dog food brands are equal and the best dog food in UK pet stores and supermarkets is created to reduce the change of issues with allergies. You could also explore the option of hypoallergenic dog food. This is available on the market. 

Are You Allergic To The Dog?

Alternatively, it’s possible that you or someone in the family has actually become allergic to the dog in the home. This can happen and the signs can include rashes on the skin, itching or issues with breathing. As such, dog allergies can be quite serious, particularly in young children. 

That said, you do not have to rehome a dog due to an allergy. It’s actually easy to control the issue. First, you should make sure there are areas in the home where the dog is not able to go. This includes the bedroom. The reason for this is that there are plenty of areas in the bedroom that are hard to clean where dog hair can build up. 

Second, do make sure that you are investing in a high-quality pet vacuum. This will ensure that you can remove the allergens that are around the home with ease and that does include the build-up of hair that can be trapped in the carpet. 

You can also make sure that you are adding air fresheners to each room in the home. This is going to help remove allergens that could be in the air. 

Finally, if you are allergic to the dog, you should avoid touching it. If you do touch the dog, make sure that you are washing your hands after contact. 

There are plenty of treatments for dog allergies and these usually come in the form of nasal sprays or tablets. They are effective and can eliminate the symptoms of a dog allergy completely. 

We hope this helps you understand how to deal with a dog allergy regardless of whether you or your pet is suffering from allergies. 

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