How to estimate how much alcohol you need for a party

Knowing how much alcohol you’ll be needing for a party is important. An inadequate amount of alcohol delivery could mean your party ending before the desired time. While it’s easy to estimate for a party with limited guests, it’s a daunting task for celebrations with plenty. Nonetheless, with the right formula, you can also estimate the quantity of alcohol for any number of guests, ranging from a small house party to a big wedding.

1. Number of Guests

Booze calculators are everywhere on the internet. Some differ in methods and features, but all agree on 1 constant, the number of guests. The number of expected guests determines how much alcohol you should order. Send out invites and use the total as your basis. Remember, you don’t want to under-order. It’s best to have a little bit excess than to be wanting. So, only invite as many guests as your budget allows.

2. Guests drinking ability

Heavy drinkers can make it seem like you didn’t order right. Some persons have a level of alcohol tolerance, making it impossible to satisfy them with a few bottles of beer. So, what do you do? Count the number of heavy drinkers on your guest list and order accordingly. However, you shouldn’t break the bank just to satisfy a bunch of alcohol lovers. You can simply order for something stronger.

3. Duration of party

Party duration is another important factor to consider. Parties like weddings can have long after-parties meant to close friends and family to just drink and be merry. If your party is one of those, then you want to have the right amount of booze to satisfy everyone at the main event and after-party.

4. Type of Party

The party type is also important. The type of party you’re hosting determines not only the amount of alcohol required but also the type of alcohol you’ll be ordering. Here at our after-hours alcohol delivery company, we make sure that every party has a complementary set of alcohol. A cocktail party with cocktail drinks and an alumni get-together with beers, vodka, and wine.

5. Your Budget

Last but not in any way the least is your budget. You need to conform to your pre-planned budget. Make sure your alcohol purchase isn’t anywhere over your budget and you’re fine.

Keep the party going with Toronto’s newest after hours alcohol delivery company and enjoy the evening.

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